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Let’s figure out what to wear with high women’s boots of different models and quality. This piece of women’s wardrobe is a stylish and effective way to stay the center of attention while maintaining comfort. It is an elegant and at the same time practical piece of our wardrobe, which will allow you to create many memorable looks, both for every day and for a special occasion. The most beautiful and expressive high women’s boots will look on happy owners of height not lower than average.

  1. High suede boots

Suede is a favorite of the autumn-winter season from year to year. In tall combat boots you will not freeze, its softness will give unforgettable comfort, and noble appearance will not leave indifferent any fashionista. If you buy suede winter high boots for women, your walks will be comfortable, and your looks will be incredibly spectacular.

Designers offer us to combine high suede boots with plain knitted noodle-fit dresses and democratic jeans. If you are a lover of mini dresses and skirts above the knee, then your look will perfectly complement high suede boots with heels or low speed. In general, this wardrobe item, or, as high women’s boots, boots are also called, is difficult to make vulgar, suede shoes always look elegant and status. Of course, if you have chosen shoes made from this wonderful material, you must know exactly how to take care of them, otherwise your purchase joy will be short-lived.

  1. High boots with heels

The choice of bold and confident women often falls on high heels and sophisticated stilettos. The beauty and sexuality of these shoes is undeniable. Best of all, high women’s boots with stiletto heels or heels are suitable for miniature women, in combination with tights in color. If you follow this simple rule, your legs will seem much longer and even more beautiful.

Wearing this sophisticated and feminine wardrobe item is recommended with elegant coats and fur coats, with long dresses in linen style or with a bright pattern (if we are talking about an evening look). Also, excellent companions of high women’s boots with heels will be all kinds of skirts – from silk and leather, from tweed and knitwear, of any style. But remember that their length should not be extremely short!

  1. High boots without heels

This is an absolute favorite when it comes to everyday activities and walks, when practicality and comfort are the main criteria for evaluation. But the appearance also plays an important role, because with high women’s boots without a heel, you can make many practical, and at the same time beautiful and original sets. Such shoes with tractor soles are a great option for winter: the tread does not slip on snow and ice, the thick sole provides warmth to the feet.

High women’s boots without a heel look great with many wardrobe items:

  • Leggings, skinny pants. Choosing boots and trousers of the same color, you can visually make your legs longer.
  • Short dresses and skirts. The flat sole smoothes out the aggressiveness of the mini. And there is no need to fear that the image as a whole will turn out to be vulgar.
  • Coats and fur coats to the knee go well with high boots.
  • Flared outerwear can be worn with boots.
  1. High rubber boots

In recent years, one of the trends has become the previously inconspicuous, but now beautiful and original high women’s rubber boots. Design solutions of some of the models are not only not inferior, but sometimes even surpass leather and suede ones, and their ease of care and unpretentiousness make them an indispensable part of women’s wardrobe in the off-season! Every self-respecting fashionista is simply obliged to buy rubber high women’s boots!

In some ways, rubber high boots are similar to more familiar leather ones:

  • The design is very close to traditional boots, there is a heel, a wide shaft with a comfortable zipper.
  • Sometimes a tightening cuff is sewn over the top of the boot to prevent water from entering.
  • There are rubber models above the knee, reminiscent of boots.
  • The interesting design of these shoes allows us to boldly combine them with any garment from jeans to mini skirts.
  1. High women’s winter boots-dutik
  • These boots are very warm and comfortable, and also quite inexpensive. For these qualities women of all ages love them. In tall models, you can even walk on snowdrifts and not be afraid to collect snow in them.
  • High women’s dutik boots are sewn with a solid bootleg and with a zipper. The latter are easier to put on. Often the top of the bootleg is turned off with fur – such models look absolutely charming. In the design of dutik they use lacquered materials that look stylish and always in fashion.
  • It is best to combine these models with skinny pants and jeans. Sets with skirts and dresses of a free casual style also look original.
  1. High women’s lace-up boots
  • Now more and more designers offer us to actively use this model, although earlier high women’s boots with lacing were presented in many collections.
  • Of course, some are intimidated by the process of putting on and taking off such shoes, as it can take a very long time. But don’t worry! The manufacturers have taken care of this too, having sewn inconspicuous zippers into such boots so that you are always in trend and at the same time do not experience any inconvenience.
  • These models are sewn from leather, suede and other materials. The sole can also be different – ordinary with a heel or wedge heel. Most often, there are high women’s lace-up boots in front, but there are other design solutions. It is necessary to combine them with short dresses and skirts. In this case, the hem can be up to the top of the bootleg.
  • Such a model can also be worn with a long dress with a slit – so that the main element – lacing – always remains in sight. Skinny jeans will also look good. But they should fit very tightly around the leg so that they don’t bulge anywhere.
  • Bold and extravagant fashion-conscious girls can afford to buy high women’s lace-up boots.

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As an Amazon Affiliate Partner I earn from Qualifying Purchases