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We definitely know how successful WordPress is in the world of blogging. But how about modifying your WordPress website into more? How about selling your products through a WordPress website. Many people know that if you are looking to set up an online store, you do not need to shift to another platform and can simply use the WordPress woocommerce theme. It is one of the most sought after tools for revamping your website into a flourishing ecommerce store without even paying for WooCommerce themes or extensions. The biggest drawback is that there are so many themes to choose from, you will be spoilt for choice. We have made a list of 10 most amazing WooCommerce themes to use in 2021. 


Overlay offers a classic look and feel which is best for small businesses looking to make a solid first impression. It is extremely lightweight and can handle anything from a blog to an ecommerce store. Moreover, it is a fully responsive theme and includes some excellent social media icons that you can find only in premium themes. 

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Hestia is a WooCommerce theme themeforest that has incredible user reviews and ratings. It has a splendid interface to support along with optimum ecommerce elements. Most small businesses can benefit from Hestia as it is a one-page website theme and you can readily include a shopping cart on the online store.


Tyche offers stylish looking darker themes and distinct buttons. The themeforest top woocommerce theme supports slider content on any webpage and multiple columns to organise your content along with the images. The Tyche theme is perfect for lifestyle and fashion brands looking to set up a niche target audience who are into quality products. 


Activello offers a standard blog theme along with WooCommerce integration to transform into an online store. It is fairly multipurpose which enables you to create a blog for your travel or fashion brand and a clean theme with white space for including high quality images. Activello is an ideal choice for minimal websites but still wanting to have fully responsive and SEO friendly features. 


Allegiant is a multipurpose theme with a variety of abilities to sell your products online. You can begin with a single page website and literally make anything from a standard website with a blog to a full-fledged online store. It is a lightweight theme with inbuilt content modules. The fully responsive theme looks great on mobile devices and is a hit amongst millennials. 


If you are a fan of flat and minimal looking themes with powerful features and exciting colors then Sparkling is an ideal theme for you. It is available to download for free and looks appealing due to the mobile responsive nature of the theme. A great option to sell your webinars, courses and e-books etc.


As the name suggests, Dazzling is a dynamic theme for small businesses with a limited product catalogue and a blog. You can use the flat, minimalist design to your benefit by changing the dynamic colors. It is a free theme which offers professional and versatile features with great support. 


Shopper is one of the most minimalistic themes on our list. The background is simplistically white and has enough space to enhance your products in an exquisite gallery. It looks quite similar to a portfolio, but here you can also provide an option to view pricing and make a purchase. 


ShopIsle is an online only WooCommerce theme so it is perfect for online stores or cloud setups across various industries with no physical presence. The best part about this theme is that it works well with all major plugins and you also receive excellent customer support. ShopIsle is one of the only themes to work perfectly well with page builders like SiteOrigin or Beaver Builder. 


Orfeo is a child theme of Hestia and not always used for an ecommerce store. However, it does have a promising WooCommerce integration for industries like blogging, sports, fashion and lifestyle etc. All prominent ecommerce stores have a built-in email marketing tool and Orfeo has a tool to send out automatic newsletters and campaigns for your brand. 


Choosing a theme for your first online store can be an overwhelming task but you should always look to go with themes that have a free as well as a premium version. As a small business, it is best to save some money wherever you can but great companies invest in a premium theme or custom web design. You must make a list of all the features that you will probably need in your ecommerce store to improve the customer experience by making it easier for the customer to purchase. If you are not sure about a theme and would want to switch later, then you can go with a child theme. Let us know about your favorite woocommerce theme in the comments below.

As an Amazon Affiliate Partner I earn from Qualifying Purchases