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Buying a car and maintaining it comes with a cost, which is not generally cheap. All the car owners would accept that at one point of time they have made some mistakes or ignored some issues related to their vehicle and ended up in explosive car repair service costing. But with a little more cautiousness can save every car owner from spending on expensive car repairs. And provide the car a good maintenance keeping its resale value high.  

Listed below are the five most commonly committed mistakes by the car owners which causes them a tight pocket: 

  1. Skipping the scheduled maintenance 

We will begin with the most common car repair mistakes which almost every car owner commits once in their lifetime. And this mistake is to forgo the scheduled car maintenance routine. The owner’s manual of your car comes with clear instruction on the regular inspection of your vehicle. So, make sure you go through your owner manual and it is not lying somewhere in the corner. There is a reason why the manufacturers have scheduled maintenance routine for your vehicle, as it provides your car the maximum life without car costly repairs every now and then and even save you from buying a new car before time. The scheduled maintenance also saves you from spending extra money as the forthcoming problems can be easy diagnosed. 

  1. Not using the right fluid and skipping oil change  

Using the right fluids for your car and changing the engine oil as recommended is imperative for the good health of your car. This is another common mistake to avoid if you don’t want to strain your pocket on car repairNot changing the car engine oil can initially cause troubles like clogged engine parts, or disturbance while starting the engine to even blowing up the engine in some unfortunate cases. Along with this not using the right fluid or engine oil can also cost you lot more in the future on your car repair and maintenance. Every car engine has its specific design and requirements as per the features and functioning, owing to which the automakers designate certain oil brand for your car engine, it is generally better to stick to whatever is specified by the automakers unless you are able to find the proper replacement for the brand or combination of the required fluid. But to cut it short trying to save money by using cheap engine oil for your car and not changing it on time can cost you heavy on your car repair in the future.  

  1. Overlooking car tyres– tyre pressure, wearing out etc. 

Every component of a car is important, and more so the well-being of the component contributes to the overall well-being of the car. When it comes to car tyres it is always an expensive matter, as quality car tyres don’t usually come in pocket friendly price. But what can you do? Well you can increase the life span of your car tyre by inspecting it from time to time and saving yourself from premature tyre changing.  If you want to avoid expensive car repair services and doing the rounds at thservice centers every now and then, make sure to check the tyre pressure and rotating the tyres on a regular basis. This will help in notifying any tread wear or deterioration of the car tyres if it occurs and avoid it to some extent. Also remember to check the tyres if there is a weather change as the temperature affects the inflation of the tyres 

  1. Ignoring warning lights 

Warning lights as they are called are there for a reason. All the merit of the automakers in designing this feature it for your car to tell you that it needs some attentionDo pay attention to your car’s warning light as it may be the indication that your vehicle needs support and it may be in an unsafe or even failure mode. Checking on the correct time might not only save you for some high-end car repair work but also prevent any possible vehicle damage or even safety hazards. If you notice any warning light do take a look and the right thing here would be to get it checked by some professionals.  

  1. Self-diagnosing and self-repair 

We have arrived to the last and one of the most common repair mistakes which have caused heavy money to many vehicle owners ocar repair services. This mistake is self-repair or diagnosing. We know every information is available on the internet and there are many DIY car repair hack posted up there, but it is advisable that you avoid such self-repair activities unless you have the knowledge of your vehicle or you are a professional yourself. Let the professionals do their job and repair your vehicle they are trained and educated to do so. Your DIY hacks might do more damage than good to your vehicle and might cost you more instead of what you thought it to be.   

It is pertinent to understand that it is possible to extend the life of the vehicle by not taking it for granted and breaking some bad habits. Show some extra love to your vehicle.  

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As an Amazon Affiliate Partner I earn from Qualifying Purchases