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Gone are the days when couples used to propose marriage to their loved ones with a family heirloom ring which had been passed down from one generation to another. The millennial couples today prefer to wear rings with modern designs which are not just personalized according to their tastes but are also unique and unlike any other. They have also started opting for rings made of lab grown diamonds because this generation is more conscious towards the environment. The easiest way to have a unique engagement ring is to get a customized design according to your preference. Here are some ways in which you can customize your engagement ring to make it unique.

Three stone ring

Today, the lab grown diamond engagement rings are witnessing an increase in sales due to the increasing awareness among people regarding the ill effects of natural diamond mining on humanity and planet. One of the most popular among these are the three stone diamond engagement ring which really became the trend after Prince Harry proposed Meghan Markle with a ring having a similar design. Also known as the Trilogy ring, these rings represent the past present and future of the couple. But the best part about these rings is that they can be easily customized to look different from other trilogy rings. You can play with the cut and size of the gemstones to make it different. In fact you can use alternative gemstones like sapphire or emerald to add a dash of color.

Banded rings

Banded rings are making a comeback this year due to their simple design which can be worn at all times by people who are stuck at home during the lockdown. In spite of being simple, the banded rings can be customized to make them look chic and uncommon. You can choose to stud your simple ring band with different shapes and sizes of gemstones according to your choice. You can also stack a couple of banded rings of different designs to create a unique look.

Traditional designs with a twist

Even though most of us like modern designs, there are a few who still like old school and prefer traditional designs. But traditional does not mean that it cannot be unique. Couples can customize traditional style rings by adding a personalized twist to it. For example, the classic solitaire ring can be made unique by adding pave set diamonds on the band or adding an extra band to make it look different. You can also get ornate carvings done on the band to make it look quirky yet regal.

Rings with offbeat setting

The offset ring styles have really taken the ring industry by storm and seem to have quickly made a place in people’s hearts. The offset designs are fresh and can be customized in a number of ways. You can have band ring with tiny diamonds arranged in an offset manner in a circular fashion. You can have cluster of diamonds arranged in an offset manner. Even if you are opting for a solitaire ring you can customize it by choosing an east west setting which is the rage these days.

Unique open style rings

Open style rings are the ones where the band is not complete; they either overlap each other or spiral around the finger giving a distinctive look. These styles can be customized with Lab grown diamonds UK being placed at the open end of the ring or around the band in case of a spiral ring. Another way in which you can customize it is by adding carvings to the band of the ring.

As an Amazon Affiliate Partner I earn from Qualifying Purchases