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There is something about shaving with an old school straight razor.  It gives you a feeling that you’ve just left the barber’s chambers. The  cut-throat razors are still popular among men who want a clean shave or to create clear beard lines. Of course, there is no denying that neat lines make a beard look neat and full and give you the impression of an edgy personality. 


The idea of using a straight or cut throat razor across the skin is something that makes many guys scared in the beginning. The fact is once you know the right ways of using a straight razor, using anything else becomes next to impossible. So, this blog will teach you the proper methods!


Start by Loading Your Straight Razor

You will find such razors in the market that already have the blade mounted on them. But many people prefer double-edged blades that separate from the middle. So, you can get two blades in a single razor. 


Let the razor be in its packaging while you bend the blade down from the middle to snap it in half. The action of snapping will bend the tips of both halves upward. The bent pieces should face upward as you place the blades in the razor. It will help make the blades fit perfectly in its holder, and the blades will clamp down effortlessly . Next up is getting your skin prepared for the shave.

The Correct Method to Prepare Your Skin


Did you ever know that it’s easier to shave right after a hot shower? Well, that’s because your beard absorbs the hot water and becomes supple. Think of it like blowing up balloons. Now, when the hair is all plumped up, shaving becomes easier as you’ll need to use less force to shave, and there’ll be lesser chances of razor burns. 

If you aren’t shaving after a shower, you should put a moist, hot towel over your beard for at least two minutes before you start shaving. Otherwise, using good quality shaving lubricant also helps in making things easier for you. Some people might prefer going for shaving soaps, but they are usually very drying on the skin.



The Right Way of Holding the Razor

It’s now time for the most important lesson of using the straight razor: the right way of holding it. So, the thing is that there is no one way that’s perfect when it comes to holding the razor. Everyone has their tweaks and preferences about the way they are comfortable holding the razor against their skin. Still, here’s giving a brief idea of how to do it so that you can modify it as per your comfort.

Hold your razor with the dominant hand and keep the thumb on the underside of the razor’s shank against the shoulder. The ring, middle, and index fingers have to be on top of the shank. Stretch your skin tight and hold your blade at a thirty-degree angle to start shaving.


Start Shaving with the Razor

The best thing is to shave in even, smooth strokes when you start shaving and never begin by going against the grain. After you complete most of the shaving, try going against the grain or even diagonally to fix those spots that you have missed. Being extra careful is a must when going against the grain because the chances of nicking yourself are more.

Also, you might have noticed those fine serrations in the razors. They are there to cut through the hair while minimizing irritation. If you want to use these to your advantage, go for light sweeping motions. Avoid cutting yourself by avoiding saw movement, the razor is at a steeper angle against your skin. 

Plus, you should hold your skin as tightly as possible while shaving to minimize the chances of cuts. The razor glides over a tightly held skin instead of sinking in it.


Use an Excellent Post-Shave Lotion or Balm

There is nothing natural about having a cold razor blade gliding across your skin. So, to complete the job, you need an excellent post-shave lotion or balm. Make sure to buy them according to your skin type to get the best effects. 

When it comes to using lotions, remember not to go for an alcohol-based cream after using a straight razor. They will sting but do nothing for your freshly shaved skin except leaving it flaky and dry. Besides, there are so many quality aftershave products available nowadays that it makes no sense to stick to those age-old alcohol-based solutions. 

Signing Off

Whoever said old-school is not cool has never met a guy who is an expert at using a straight razor. And, you can turn into that expert too if you abide by the tips mentioned above. Just keep your fear of using the razor at bay, start practicing today, and you’ll get the technique soon enough. So, do you have that razor ready to go?

As an Amazon Affiliate Partner I earn from Qualifying Purchases