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7 Examples of differentiation in digital marketing

Given the decision to buy something, there are two fundamental questions that each potential customer asked:

  1. Why should I choose this product over another?
  2. What is the difference between this brand and the competition?

In today’s world, it is becoming increasingly clear that potential customers of a product do not decide to buy it simply by considering its price. Although price is always important, it is now essential to achieve a more sophisticated and effective way to differentiate your products or services in the market. The determining differentiation factor is often in quality, company experience, seo training course service level or attention, and how the product presented.

To make a proper difference, it is essential that you know precisely your target audience and develops a strategy to connect with it. Otherwise, your leads won’t understand your message, offers, or proposals. The ultimate goal is to make your brand a fundamental element of differentiation for your customers.

Now we will see seven examples of differentiation by essential companies in different sectors:

1 – ZARA

Zara clothing store has become one of the largest and most important globally thanks to its combination of sophistication in accessible garments and prices. Today, when people think about buying something tasteful and at the best price, think of Zara. The company has managed to differentiate itself as one that offers, despite its costs, a real select option.

 2- Apple

Apple has managed to get its audience to associate its brand with high-performance equipment and the latest design. People find their products, at the same time, valuable and beautiful. Although the price of many is higher than those of the competition, this conquest has meant that Apple remains at the top of the world.

 3- Bogota Beer Company

With its slogan “The largest small brewery in Bogota,” this Bogotana company has managed to become a reference at the same time between bars and the beer offer in the city. His commitment to a handcrafted image linked to the history of ancient Bogota and its surroundings and the quality of its beers have allowed it to consolidate. Nor in this case does the price play a fundamental factor of differentiation, as it is possible to find many cheaper beers and bars on the market. The key is the taste of beers associated with the artisanal image and the traditional atmosphere of its bars.

4 – EPSON rechargeable cartridges

In the challenging market for selling printers, Epson has taken a step forward by adapting to the circumstances and being the first company to explicitly offer the possibility to recharge the cartridges that come with its printers. In printing, a key factor for customers is savings given the high cost and generally low ink performance. That’s why this differentiation strategy has been very successful for the company.

5 – Modem-ETB Portrait

ETB gives a sample of how differentiation is related to exceptional attention to detail. Offering the ability to use your modems as a portrait holder aims to attract your customers’ attention with a new use for their less impersonal and more familiar devices.

6 – Popsy

This important ice cream shop seeks to position itself as the one that offers the highest quality products. For this purpose, it has been presented as the only shop that offers gourmet ice cream, endorsed by professional chefs. It has also reinforced its image as a national company by linking itself to provide products with Juan Valdéz.

  1. Siemens

The Siemens appliance company now offers tradding a 10-year warranty on the purchase of one of its products. Its slogan is: “10 years warranty. 10 years of tranquility” and seeks to differentiate itself as the option that greater security and tranquility can offer its buyers thanks to its broad support. Given this fact, other companies have been incorporating this term of guarantee so it may be necessary to keep it longer and look for new forms of differentiation.


As an Amazon Affiliate Partner I earn from Qualifying Purchases