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It’s easy to start a blog, especially when you’re an artist and express your creativity. However, many people struggle with the long-term commitment it takes to reap the rewards. In addition to producing your usual artwork, you’ll need to maintain consistency on your blog. Your consistency will unlock your writing voice, increase credibility, build an audience, and expand the reach of your art. 

If you’re an artist who believes in giving and getting art inspiration through blogging, all you need to do is master a few tips, and you’ll be well on your way to reaching your goals. So to gain momentum and take full advantage of the blogging tools at your disposal, here are seven tactics to help you become an exceptional artist blogger. 

Starting a new habit is challenging at the very beginning. Usually, things get more comfortable with each repetition as you get used to the routine. The same applies to writing. You will find that gathering the courage to publish your first blog can be extremely challenging. Many new bloggers admit getting caught up in what’s called analysis paralysis. The best approach is not to overthink things. Your first blog post doesn’t have to be perfect. You can always revisit it and edit after you’ve gathered some momentum. 

Organize Your Blogging Time

Chances are your plate is already full. So if you don’t deliberately make time in the day to write, it may never happen. You should schedule a specific time every week to do your writing. For instance, you can decide to write your blog first in the morning on Wednesdays for two hours. As you get into the rhythm, you’ll grow accustomed to it. Remember, it takes the discipline of repetition to form a habit successfully. 

Focus on Content Creation

Now that you’ve found the motivation to keep going, it’s time to focus on creating high-quality content. Often, art bloggers end up reproducing current art news or covering popular topics already written by others. You want to avoid this easy path. You may grab a few eyeballs, but this approach isn’t the best for long-term success. And this is because your blog cannot stand out with this type of content. Instead, focus on originality and evergreen content. 


Most importantly, your content should be free of grammatical errors and plagiarized content. You can use many services and tools to ensure you create the right length and quality content. Some of these do not have a subscription cost, while the rest are paid. Whatever be the case, you can rest assured that they are worth the investment. 

Create a Content Calendar And Stick to it

So you have a schedule, but what do you write about each time you sit down? Your content calendar will outline the different topics you’ll cover for the entire month. This does not only benefit you but your readers too. It will help with your research and ensure that you produce work that resonates with your readers. You can pique their interest by revealing some upcoming topics to increase your audience base. 

Include More Than Your Artwork

Usually, you’ll be tempted to only write about yourself and your artwork. But if you want to expand your readership and publish frequently, cover topics that include other art world topics. Your readers will appreciate the variety and come to rely on you to bring some exciting cases in the art world to their attention. Also, your visitors will know that you don’t care about yourself only.

Give Credit When Due

You don’t have to be stingy about linking to credible resources, blogs, and websites where you find valuable information. In reality, you will elevate your credibility and show your readers that you do your research. Though it might seem like you’ll lose visitors to other websites, those who find your resources valuable will begin to recognize your blog as a trusted go-to spot. But remember to also link to critical internal pages to maximize their visibility. 

Find Other Blogs For Inspiration

Despite the importance of originality in art blogging, you also need to look around and find inspiration in what other successful artists are doing. You want to look for high authority blogs with many monthly readers that produce the kind of content you like. It can be artists whose work you admire or online bloggers that you’ve followed for some time. Try and understand how they approach content creation and how they deliver value to their readers. Ultimately, you can borrow ideas from these sources; this isn’t plagiarism. 


Incorporating art blogging into your routine can bring many benefits and opens doors you never imagined possible. With one or more of the seven tips covered in the sections above, you can make your blogging journey less stressful and more profitable. Don’t forget that you need to approach your writing with a functional strategy for long term success. To prevent the usual burnout that makes most people quit, you need to have fun while producing quality content.


As an Amazon Affiliate Partner I earn from Qualifying Purchases