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All about Real Estate Business Immovable under the Property Law

Real estate is a kind of physical object, such as a building, that covers the land and is permanently attached to the land. Real estate projects can have three forms of existence: namely, land, buildings, and premises in one. In a real estate auction, the auction target may also have three forms of existence, namely land (or land use rights), material entities and their rights and interests in the state of the homogenization of buildings and premises.

Real estate, because of its own characteristics, location fixation and Also written realty) which corresponds to private property, movable property (also known as chattel or personality). On a technical level, some people try to separate real estate from other real estate, such as land and equipment, while separating ownership from property business itself.

Although real estate is represented in English, it has nothing to do with the concept of real (that is, the law does not assume that immovable property is more real than personal movable property). The term originated from the territorial hereditary principles of the monarchy. at which time all land was the property of the king. So the original meaning of property business is the royal estate. Real comes from the French-speaking Royale. Which was brought into English by the French-speaking Normans during the conquest of England?

Recent Real Estate Laws

In recent years, many economists have recognized that the absence of effective property laws will make investment in developing countries face significant obstacles. Whether a country is poor or rich, land and dependent land property are an important part of social wealth. In most developed economies, the money that individuals and small firms use to buy or develop land and buildings comes mainly from bank mortgages the value of property to develop itself.

Banks are mostly happy to make such loans at relatively low interest rates, because if the borrower is unable to pay off the loan, the bank can cancel the borrower’s foreclosure and then ask the court to transfer the land ownership to the bank and sell the land to get back the money that belongs to them. However, many developing countries do not have effective legal guarantees for foreclosures, so mortgages are either not carried out there or can only be used by specific social classes.

Since real estate is composed of land and above-ground buildings and structures, land and housing can be classified according to the following methods:

According to the Classification Real Estate:

According to the Regulations on the Classification of Urban Land and the Standard for Planning and Construction Land, Urban Land can be divided into nine categories:

  • Residential land;
  • Public utility land (including commercial land);
  • Industrial land;
  • Storage land;
  • The Land for external transportation;
  • Land for road plazas;
  •  Municipal utilities;
  • Green land;
  • Special land.

House classification according to Real Estate:

  • Residential;
  • Industrial plants and warehouses;
  • Shopping malls and shops;
  • Office buildings;
  • Hotels;
  • Cultural and recreational facilities;
  • Government and utilities;
  • Multi-purpose buildings (integrated buildings).

The characteristics of real estate

Each type of auction target has its own particularity, this particularity is related to the characteristics of such objects, and real estate has the following characteristics:

Real estate economy

Types of trading behavior

With the development of personal property ownership, real estate has become a major part of commercial transactions. Buying real estate is an important way to invest. Each piece of land has completely different characteristics, so the industry has spawned several distinct areas. In order to facilitate a transaction, experts are generally required to value real estate. The following are some of the more common economic behaviors:

In each area will be divided into residential Turkey real estate, commercial and industrial and other professional categories. And almost every commercial building has to do with real estate.

As an Amazon Affiliate Partner I earn from Qualifying Purchases