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Internal and external communication is extremely crucial to run a business. Since a lot of companies after the pandemic outbreak are working from home, it becomes more imperative to have an effective communication tool.

Although email is a good tool, it may not be enough. If you want to boost your business productivity, you will have to use some more tools. For instance, if you want to share a screen to discuss a project or tell your staff how to do it, email is not the right tool.

Various other tools allow for group chat, video conferencing, screen sharing, etc. This is how it increases business productivity. This blog discusses some of the most effective business communication tools.


With this collaborative tool, you can organise all your conversations and manage your work to achieve your business goals.

  • You can create separate channels for each thing you want to discuss, from company projects to initiatives.
  • You can keep all conversations organised by eliminating messy emails and chats.
  • Apart from the voice-calling system, it offers built-in video calling.
  • You can share your screen from any device to discuss projects in details.
  • You can also share the notes and set reminders.
  • With the best admin features, your whole data and information will be safe.
  • You can also provide onboard training for your new employees with it.
  • You can connect it with CRM and get notified in Flock when a new lead qualifies.
  • You can coordinate interviews and share feedback on one channel.


Slack is a platform where you can get all work done together. Now it is easy to manage the entire teamwork. Slack offers more than email conversations. You can make calls, share files, and connect with other files.

  • Stay organised with all files, conversations and people by creating channels. You can create them for every project, topic or team. With separate channels, you can focus on the conversation that matters most at a particular time.
  • By creating channels, you and your team can have a view of the work. Everyone can work in tandem when everything is transparent.
  • All information will be stored in one place. You can access it without chasing down people all the time.
  • You can use private channels for confidential information and can prevent others from accessing it.
  • It can allow you to work with multiple organisations on one platform.
  • You can easily book meetings and share documents with this tool.
  • It can help you reduce your exposure to email scams and phishing.


If you want to have teamwork without any mess, Chatwork is the best solution. It can simplify communication and help you get rid of the frustration of handling a ton of emails every day.

  • It can make meetings productive every day because you can get all project-related details through video chat.
  • You can have all files organised in one place.
  • All your data will be encrypted, so there is no risk of losing it.
  • It can connect will all sizes of teams.
  • It improves efficiency and makes decision better because it is equipped with all features like chat, task management, file sharing, video chat, notifications, and user management.

Microsoft Teams

Chatting, calling and collaboration – all in one place. Whether you have a small business or large, whether you are a start-up or well-established, Microsoft Teams is the best software to streamline your tasks and meetings.

  • With a click on a button, you can switch from text chatting to video chatting.
  • You can stay organised with documents, tasks, projects and set reminders for important meetings and deadlines to complete tasks.
  • You can share your opinion and give feedback to your team.


Since nowadays you all are working remotely, it can be a bit hard to connect with you all at the same time, but it can happen with Zoom.

  • It has simplified video conferencing. It is easy to start, join and collaborate across all devices.
  • Since it provides strong security, you can have all meetings without any disruption. Encryption-based security can prevent your data from theft.
  • You can record your meetings and multiple partners can share their team together at a time.
  • You can move from a chat to a video conferencing with one click.
  • This is compatible with all types of devices for Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android OS.
  • Without putting information at risk, it makes easier to connect with external users.

Google Meet

This is a free tool to conduct meetings with your staff and clients. Regardless of your business, you can use this app for your meetings.

  • One of the best things about this tool is it keeps your information secure the same way it does when using the Google search engine. Safety measures are updated constantly, and hence this is the safest tool for video conferences.
  • You can get your entire team at Google Meet to present proposals, discuss projects, collaborate with others, and give feedback.
  • This is ideal for all types of organisations, including large ones such as schools. Even if you want to catch up face to face, this tool is the perfect solution that costs you nothing.
  • It can adjust to your network speed during video conferencing, so it does not interrupt it.
  • It comes with a live caption feature that makes it possible for non-native speakers, impaired hearing participants to attend the meeting conveniently.

Whether your team is working remotely or not, you need to have effective communication tools. You can use them to give feedback, share your opinions, discuss projects, and give onboard training, set reminders, and much more.

Some tools are free, while the others will set you back. If you do not have enough money, you can take out loans for the unemployed with direct lender. These loans are the perfect way to fund these tools if you are running a start-up.

As an Amazon Affiliate Partner I earn from Qualifying Purchases

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