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Online audio-streaming platforms are now viral among people. There are no more CDs and visiting websites to download music anymore. This is an era of online audio-streaming apps. The availability of all types of music and songs under one roof has made it convenient for the users to enjoy their favorite music seamlessly. These audio-streaming platforms like Spotify also offer exciting features which attract the attention of the users. They also provide audio-based stories and podcasts facilities which are like a bonus for the users.

There are many participants in this market segment, and these apps strive to provide high-quality music to their users. However, they manage to generate a source of revenue by playing audio-based advertisements for themselves as well as for other businesses, they charge a premium subscription fee from their users to avoid displaying advertisements. This business segment is one of the highly profitable functioning segments currently. 

Spotify – A revolutionary audio-streaming platform 

Spotify is one of the very famous and leading players in the market. According to recent research and study, it has massive growth numerical and currently has around 155 million premium subscribers and 345 million active monthly users, making it the most used application in the business segment of audio streaming platforms. This also has more than 70 million songs in its song bank, and the number keeps increasing day by day. Those are some really enormous numbers. Even if we could listen to 100s of songs each day, it would take more than our lifetime to listen to the complete song bank of Spotify, Astonishing. 

The revenue pattern of Spotify – Audio streaming platform

With such a large amount of user traffic, Spotify is making millions of money on a daily basis. However, it majorly depends on two significant elements, those are as follows.

  • Premium account subscription – The premium account from Spotify offers so many exclusive perks to its users, and they are ad-free music streaming, unlimited HD downloads, and many more. The rates are available at affordable packages like daily, weekly, monthly and yearly subscriptions.  
  • Advertisement fee – Spotify provides a space for businesses to advertise, for which a fee is charged in exchange. This is an excellent platform for advertising as it has a vast user base.

Spotify – How does it work?

Spotify has applications for both PCs and Mobile phones. However, both have similar working models. The users will have to download the respective versions of Spotify from the compatible app market (Android, iOS, Windows Store) will have to register/login into the Spotify app and select their preferences like genres, languages, etc. Then, start listening to their favorite music. Spotify also has automated custom playlists that play similar songs automatically. The users can opt for premium subscriptions if they wish to.

How to develop an app like Spotify?  

There are many ways to develop an application at present. Building an app from scratch will definitely cost more money and time. If you are just entering into business then, there are better alternatives. Spotify Clone app will be the wisest choice to enter into this competitive business segment. It is similar to the Spotify app and performs the same functions. It is a readily available version of Spotify, and It is a white-labeled solution that can be further customized and modified according to the needs and requirements of the business. 

The features play an essential role in such a massive success of Spotify, so the clone solutions would never miss out on any, and there are exclusive additional features that are being offered for the clone solutions to enhance its functionality. The process or stages of developing a Spotify Clone App is discussed below,

  • Scouting for an app developer/app development company: There are several app development companies in the market which are functioning to fulfill the requirements of their clients. Once you find the suitable one, quote a deal with the app developer.
  • Choosing a suitable clone from the demos: The app developing companies will have many pre-built applications available for demos, and you get to choose after viewing the demos of the product.
  • Customization and modifications: Once a Spotify clone app is chosen, the suggestions for alterations and changes will be taken from the clients by the company. You can get all the changes and modifications done to make your app stand unique.
  • Trial runs and testing: Before launching an app, it should be out for trial runs where the minor issues get fixed, if there’s any. The primary motive of such trials is to ensure the smooth operating and best user experience for an application.
  • Kick start to enter the market: Now, you are all set to enter the market and resonate throughout the audio-streaming market segment.

The above mentioned are the steps that are involved in developing a Spotify Clone app. We have ensured that it is kept simple and easy to understand, so we haven’t included any technical terms and aspects. This is a rough outline of the stages of clone app development.

Ending thoughts 

By now, you would have a clear picture of the audio-streaming apps market and one of the most prominent players in the market, Spotify. Be wise and witty enough to prefer Spotify Clone over developing an application from scratch. The Clone solutions are the next big game changers in the market. You can reach out to any app development company to develop Spotify Clone App. So our job is done, and it’s all up to you now. 

As an Amazon Affiliate Partner I earn from Qualifying Purchases