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India is one such country where you will find multiple cuisines and condiments. You may get tired of eating the delicious and spicy food here, but the food list will not end here. The specialty of spicy food and condiments is the spices and ingredients that are being added to them. So, when talking about Indian Spicy Pickles, we cannot deny how amazing they taste. And the credit again goes to the variety of ingredients only.

We all have seen our mother and aunts preparing different types of pickles using other ingredients. Even TV Shows also talk about different ingredients when preparing pickles. It is because of those ingredients only that the pickles taste fantastic. Else, you may not get the spicy feel of the pickles. But are you aware of what magical ingredients are being added to these pickles to make them taste yummy? Well, if you are also in doubt about what turns these raw vegetables into tangy pickles, then check below. Or else you can also check the pickle jar when you buy pickles in Delhi, as ingredients are mentioned behind most of the pickle jars, especially the ones which are homemade.

We are going to reveal the basic magical ingredients that one must have in their kitchen for pickling. So, whether you only want to know about these ingredients out of interest. Or you want to try making some yummy pickles; this list of ingredients will surely help you.



For proper pickling or fermentation, you will require a fair amount of vinegar. This is the most common ingredient which you will need in preparing almost every pickle. To form proper brine, ensure that you have enough vinegar available with you. It is always recommended that we add water and vinegar in equal quantities when making brine for pickles. When buying vinegar, check how much vinegar you will need according to the vegetables you have to pickles. When choosing vinegar, you will find different varieties of vinegar available in the market. We usually suggest people buy distilled white vinegar only, instead of choosing apple cider vinegar. Though, both these vinegar are suitable for pickling. But when you pickle using apple cider vinegar, it will change the pickle’s color and give a mild flavour to pickles.


Vegetable Oil

While some people use vinegar for fermenting and preserving spicy pickles, some people love to prepare pickles in vegetable oil. Mostly, mustard oil or sunflower oil is being used for pickling. Many people do not like the taste of vinegar, so it is better to make use of vegetable oil for them. Always choose good quality vegetable oil for pickling. It is also being suggested that heat the oil and then let it cool down before adding it to pickles. For preparing the blend of pickle spices also, vegetable oil is required at times.



There are three most common herbs which are being used for pickling; they are dill, garlic, and ginger. These herbs are added to the pickles in different forms. It depends on pickle to pickle and person to person, how they are preparing it. Some people add them in their raw form only after taking off their peels. In contrast, others like to add these herbs by drying them in sunlight and then adding them to pickles. These are also blended with pickle spices to acquire the spiciness and exotic flavour from these herbs.


Pickle Spices

Every pickle is incomplete without adding pickle spices to them. There are some common pickle spices, which are a part of every pickle. Whether you buy homemade pickles in Delhi or you make them at your home, these ingredients are a must. We are talking about the spices are Mustard Seeds, Turmeric, cinnamon, star aniseed, and chili powder. A blend of all these spices is made, and then it is added to pickles. Some people do add a few other spices also, according to their taste preferences. But these are a must when you plan to prepare scrumptious spicy pickles.

In the end, we will suggest one primary ingredient without which your pickle will not at all taste good. That ingredient is salt, so never forget to add salt to your pickles. Now, you know about all the magical ingredients that are being added to pickles. So get them now and start making your spicy pickle today only.

As an Amazon Affiliate Partner I earn from Qualifying Purchases