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It is the beginning of the year and all the students might be sorting out their career choices and colleges to apply to as the January intakes are mostly under process. Whether or not you are applying in this session, deciding the right college can always be tricky after all it is a crucial life decision and has a lot to contribute to dictating your future career paths. Now if you are trying to define a career in the medical field your decision becomes even more crucial. The reasons are:  

  1. The cost of medical courses is high.  
  1. The profession demands exemplary training.  

Thus, if you are ambitions are already grounded in the medical profession and you are looking for medical schools in Zambia, we hope this blog will help you to decide better. If you are confused with your search results about the best medical schools in Zambia, and with all the onions you received from friends, family and acquaintances, here are a few factors you can consider to decide better.   

  • Curriculum: All the medical schools in Zambia are focused on training you become a competent medical practitioner, it is needless to say that curriculum will almost be the same in every medical school, then what is it that you should look for. All you should be concerned about is a curriculum which is of international standards, in case you prefer to practice abroad.   
  • Clinical Experiences: the medical schools are supposed to offer you clinical experience along with knowledge. The clinical exposure you acquire, particularly during the 3rd and 4th year is of optimum importance, it is crucial that you are adequately trained for residency and you have the clinical competency before start practicing on your own.   
  • Research and further training opportunities: does the medical school offers you the opportunity for future research and training options such as Ph.D. or MD. You might have an inclination for research in certain medical conditions, or towards the advancement of a treatment procedure, does the medical school helps you with the faculty and facilities will be the underlying question.   
  • Mentors and educators: the educators and mentors have a major role to play when it comes to your medical practice, thus finding the best medical schools in Zambia would mean to find the best academic staff. The more experienced the academic staff are the more precise training will they be able to offer to you.   
  • Scholarships and funding: depending on whether you choose to go to a public school or a private one the course fee will differ. Evaluate the course expenses and decide what goes best for you. You can always check if the medical schools are offering any scholarships or special funding and are you eligible for the same.   
  • The reputation of the medical school: Although this is the point of starting for many students while deciding where they should apply, we would like to bring this as at the end. The reputation of the medical school does play a role as the likeliness for you getting a preferable kickstart to a medical career gets higher. Although the name is not that has to serve you in becoming a competent medical practitioner.   

The bottom line is medical and healthcare studies are challenging pursuits and the decisions related to which medical should get into must have a practical reasoning behind them. However, each individual will have a different set of value and their own set criteria, apart from the one mentioned above. some students like to go and visit the medical school physically or talk to the already graduated students to find out more. While others solely depend on the reputation of the college and the rankings the colleges hold. Some try to base their choice on the location and that is also a practical way to start working upon your list if the location is important to you.   

Now let us come to our recommendation for you, Cavendish University Zambia School of Medicine, will be our top pick, and why?   

The Cavendish University Zambia School of Medicine is recognized both nationally and internationally for its excellence in training and educating healthcare workers in Zambia and the Southern African region. The academic staff of Cavendish University School of Medicine have gained a reputation for their dedicated contribution to inspiring and preparing students into healthcare practitioners and researchers. Cavendish University has offered the best provisions for deploying global practices, pedagogy and technology.   

Currently, Cavendish University School of Medicine offers the following programs: Medical School Foundation; Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBchB); Bachelor of Science in Clinical Sciences (BSc.Cs); Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Midwifery (BScNM); Master of Public Health (MPH). All the courses are accredited and provide the students with formidable career opportunities.   

Nevertheless, to say all the medical schools in Zambia have their own qualifying factors, make sure you fulfill the eligibility criteria. Remember hundreds of students apply to the same college and therefore even a single disqualifying factor can lead to the rejection of your application. Hence before you apply to any of the medical schools make sure you comply with all the qualifications stated. We would also suggest that you start planning for your admissions at least a year to at least six months ahead, as this allows you not only find the best fit for yourself but also make sure that you meet all the eligibility criteria   






As an Amazon Affiliate Partner I earn from Qualifying Purchases