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From Gaudí to Messi, towering architecture to people-built towers, to sea-going production to go on, Barcelona’s to-do list is as plentiful as a sunny day. It is a city that seamlessly combines medieval old with the most modern spectacles. You’ll find fine arts, iconic parks, performing arts spaces, and more. No matter what you are going for, whether you are on a family trip, solo trip or a trip with friends. Barcelona offers much more than it shows. So, don’t wait anymore, and visit the delta airlines official site and get your flight ticket done online. Also, save up to 45% off on every booking along with exciting deals and offers. Plan your trip and make your checklist of which places you can explore and things you can do in Barcelona from our list.

Santa Maria Del Mar

Ask any local to pick their favorite church and we bet Santa Maria del Mar will be a glass of Catalan wine. In real life, the church’s history is almost stranger than fiction. In 1428, it was shaken by a major earthquake. Afterwards, in July 1936, it was set on fire and burned for 11 straight days. Look inside, you’ll still see black scorch marks on the ceiling. The building has very tall pillars, which are 43 feet apart. Combine that air with giant stretches of colored glass and it’s like someone is pulling you into the sky.

Park Guell

The Park Güell is almost a made-up landscape: home of Barcelona’s famous mosaic lizard – the image on a thousand postcards – as well as spiral towers that look like fairground slides. The city’s grandest park began life as a collaboration between entrepreneurs Eusebi Gael (hence the park’s name) and Antoni Gaudí. Knowing your ticket options is important.

The world Beings With Every Kiss Mural

The day is a tribute to the lost Catalan life, regional identity, and independence. The 26-foot-tall mural shows Two People Kissing The mural is composed of 4,000 tiles with photos arranged in mosaics by color and density so that printed on them from afar. This kiss—a symbol of affection, sympathy, and so poignant—that the local government never took it down felt freedom.

Picasso Museum

Spread over five palaces – we expect nothing less for Picasso, who moved to Barcelona as a 14-year-old boy and made frequent trips all over his life. Tourists come here to see Picasso’s work, but the special setting is that they come back again and again. If you’re expecting Picasso’s big hitters, you might be disappointed for a few minutes.

Parc de la Ciutadella

Barcelona’s sprawling City Park has a zoo, regional parliament, and plenty of places and places to lounge. The Cascada Monument, built with input from a young Gaudí, is a stunning golden waterfall that makes you happy and relaxed. Another beautiful, yet no less mysterious, series of structures is the cast-iron umbrella and Hivernacle in front.


Mind-bogglingly, you suddenly see the charm of the amusement park next to it—like its retro-styled attractions, such as a Ferris wheel with color-pop seating pods designed for scenes as screaming. Adults love ideas; Kids love to ride. Finish with a gin and tonic on the terrace of Mirablau Bar, where the blue tram stops. Side seats rule.

La Boqueria

However, for the whole environment, it’s the smell you get: warm, sea-salted, fresh-fried fish: the kind that lines your nostrils, stimulates your stomach, stresses your doctor. , and wash it down with a glass of cava. Also, you can get a fruit smoothie from the techno-colored stalls as soon as you walk in.

Casa Batllo

The famous textile industrialist Josep Batlló commissioned Gaudí to design this house, after seeing what Gaudí had done with Park Güell. Influenced by nature, Casa Batlló has no straight lines (since they do not exist in nature, Gaudí said), stone pillars that are contrasted like animal bones, and a long, sea-blue staircase that leads to the very Jules.

Catedral de Barcelona

Today, the cathedral’s official name, Cathedral of the Holy Cross and St. Yulia, honors a local girl, Yulia, who refused to accede to Roman Emperor Diocletian’s demand to renounce her Christian faith. It is beautiful and atmospheric, as religious buildings often are. Regardless of your personal level of sanity, the architecture inside—as well as the view of the city from the short elevator ride to the top—is much more.

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As an Amazon Affiliate Partner I earn from Qualifying Purchases