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The Canadian Immigration minister shared some hints that Canada is right on track to fulfill the immigration goals of 2021. The minister confirmed that Canada gleefully accepted 26,600 new permanent residents in January alone, which is roughly 10% more than the numbers of January 2020 right before the nationwide lockdown was announced. Due to the new admission in February 2021, the Canadian immigration is more than 30% ahead of the numbers needed to achieve the immigration goals of 2021. 

On February 13, the Canadian Government invited 27,332 individuals to apply for permanent residence through the Express Entry system. This has been the largest single draw ever and was almost five times the previous record of issuing 5,000 invitations in January 2021. There was a catch though, around 90% of these individuals were already working in Canada at the time of the draw. However, after this draw Canada student visa consultant in Ahmedabad has seen a huge incline in the number of candidates wanting to go to Canada for a better shot at life. Let us look at some of the immigration updates of 2021:

Immigration Updates Pertaining to COVID-19

The Canadian government issued a notice on February 5th stating that a foreign resident living in Canada on a temporary status can re-apply for an extension and stay in Canada further on a temporary resident status. On February 18, IRCC released a notification with information regarding work permit holders’ situation to travel to Canada. If you are holding a work permit from Canada and are thinking about the right time to travel, you can have a chat with a Canada visa agent in Ahmedabad. 

Express Entry Visas

As mentioned earlier, on February 13, IRCC sent out a record-breaking ITAs (Invitation to Apply) to 27,332 individuals in the CEC or Canadian Experience Class field and the CRS cut-off was as low as 75. It is around five times the previous record of sending three consecutive rounds of 5,000 ITAs each. This includes students and working professionals who are registered in the Express Entry pool and have a minimum work experience in Canada. After this round, student visa consultant in Ahmedabad have noticed a rise in students wanting to go to Canada to pursue their higher education. 

In the last couple of draws, IRCC has been issuing ITAs to individuals within the CEC class based in Canada and has ignored the general class. This means that a larger draw might be coming soon for the Foreign Skilled Workers under the Express Entry scheme. If you haven’t yet registered under the Express Entry system, now is the time to get in touch with a Canada consultancy in Ahmedabad and get your application sorted. 

Ontario Immigration Nominee Program

On February 16, Ontario Immigration Nominee Program offered NOIs (Notification of Interest) to individuals under the Express Entry system with a CRS cut-off between 453 and 467. In this category, it is under the prerogative of the province to issue an invitation to a particular candidate if he/she matches the economic requirements of the state. If you accept a NOI from the Ontario province then you will have to stay and work in Ontario for a stipulated time frame before you can move to any other part of the country. To be eligible for the OINP program, you can contact a Canada immigration Ahmedabad based consultancy to fill your application under the Express Entry scheme.

Developments From Other Provinces

Last month, Saskatchewan invited 541 EOIs (Expression of Interest) with a minimum score of 72 on the SINP calculator. Out of this 340+ individuals were invited under the Express Entry system and 197 in the demand based employment. Similarly, Prince Edward Island invited 121 individuals under various fields and most of them were awarded under the Express Entry scheme. These programs are pretty similar to the OINP program and meant for the welfare and development of that particular province. To know more about study and work options in Saskatchewan and Alberta, you can take help from a student visa consultant for Canada in your locality. 

Other Updates

In February, Hong Kong residents got the eligibility to apply for a work permit under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act. Apart from that, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Canadian Government has sent out strict regulations for the travellers coming to Canada by land and air. 


As expected, due to the ongoing pandemic, there are a lot of sudden changes in the Canadian immigration system and it also depends on the conditions imposed by other countries. If you are thinking about your travel or residence status in Canada due to these changes in Immigration then you can get in touch with an experienced visa agent in Ahmedabad to start your dream journey to the land of opportunities. 

As an Amazon Affiliate Partner I earn from Qualifying Purchases