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Are you interested in marketing communication in the business world but not sure how to start? Well, now your confusing phase is going to over. Several marketing communication courses are offered at different Australian colleges, which you may find on the internet. One of the courses is Certificate IV in Marketing and Communication. Here in this article, we discuss some aspects of this course – overview, learning contents, reasons to study the course, and potential career outcomes. I hope this will give you a clear idea about how to start.

Overview of the course

Certificate IV in Marketing is a comprehensive course that is exclusively designed to teach young aspirants about the basics of different marketing communication concepts and their implementation. The units you will study will cover a wide range of topics applicable to the marketing and communications industry. Once you enrol in this course, a team of highly skilled and experienced experts will teach you the skills required to succeed in this industry. You can get prepared to apply your skills in the advertising, communications, and marketing industries. These qualities will help you to get jobs in both government and non-government sectors.

What will you learn in this course?

The primary objective of cert IV marketing and communication is to teach you how the world of advertising and marketing communication works. Here, you will learn the following points.


  • You will be able to work pretty effectively in this industry with much competence and confidence. 
  • You will be able to understand the psychology of your customers. It will help you to carry out market research to get valuable information about their preferences, too. 
  • You will also examine the consumer data and successfully apply the market profiling to advertisement campaigns.
  • In addition, you will learn how the digital and traditional marketing channels work, how you can use them, and what community they serve the best.

The topics covered under this course are named ‘Introduction to Digital Marketing,’ ‘Digital Disruption,’ ‘Digital Relationship Management,’ ‘Customer Behaviour Insight Development,’ ‘Data Analytics,’ etc. Each unit has a specific code, number of periods, and sub-units.

What are the requirements for this course?


You will have to meet the following entry requirements to get enrolled in this course.


  1.     Academic qualifications 

You must have finished Year 12 or an equivalent qualification. Equivalent qualifications include a Certificate III level or any higher qualification or at least two years of experience in the industry, that too in such a role that needs the use of communication and written documentation. 

  1.     Age requirement

Your age must be 18 years or higher at the time of your enrolment. 

  1.     English language requirements

As the mode of language will be in English, you will have to read workbooks, complete written assessments, and participate in online discussions. The teaching will also be delivered in extensive written communication, that too in English. So, you will require to complete your English at Year 12 level. If you have not done that successfully, you still can prove your proficiency. If you have completed a Nationally Recognized Training qualification at a level of Certificate III or higher, or if you have two years of industry experience that demands the use of communication and written documentation, it will do.

  1.     Computing requirements

There are some general computing requirements applicable for all the candidates. These include Microsoft Office 2010 or equivalent knowledge, having 2GB of RAM in the system, and broadband internet connection for a faster speed. In addition to these, you must have a CD-ROM or DVD drive to keep important files and data, a printer and software like Adobe Flash Player, and any version of Adobe Reader to read specific documents. 

In addition to these, there are some user-specific requirements. For Windows users, individuals must have a version of Microsoft Windows 7 or higher and a processor of 1 GHz speed. Generally, we recommend having Windows 8. If you’re a Mac OS user, then have a Mac OS X v 10.5 or higher installed and a faster Intel processor, maybe 2 GHz. In terms of the Mac version, we usually recommend OS X v 10.6 or higher.  

  1.     Skills requirements

Successful completion of this course will require computing skills at an elementary level.

These are as follows:


  • You should know how to create, save and edit Microsoft Office documents.
  • You should know to download and save documents from the websites.
  • You must be able to access and search the internet for necessary information.
  • You should be able to participate in online discussions. This is the foremost requirement right now, as travel and gatherings are highly restricted in different areas due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • You have not only to download matter from websites, but also upload documents.
  • You should know to connect the digital cameras to the computer, download and store images and audio files.
  • Compressing of images and video and audio files is required now and then for uploading as per requirements of different sites. You should also know how to do it.
  • You may have to connect digital video devices and subsequently download and store videos as well.

 Why should you study this course?

There are several important reasons for which you should go for this course. The reasons are as follows.


  1. The course duration can be a maximum of 18 months. During this shorter period, you will reach an expert level from a beginner phase.
  2. As the course is offered online, it gives enough flexibility to a student. So, you can attend the classes according to your preference of time. 
  3. This course is nationally recognized. This means the course structure meets all the industry standards and current market trends. 
  4. You can also get a membership to Australian Marketing Institute (AMI) if you enrol in this course provided by such a provider that AMI endorses. An education consultant in Perth can help you with this.

 What are the career outcomes?

After this course, you can get job offers like marketing or communications officer, copywriter or content writer, media, public relations or advertising executive, or a market research assistant.


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As an Amazon Affiliate Partner I earn from Qualifying Purchases