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Colorado Collision Repair

One of the most puzzling things about purchasing relatively expensive (over $ 500) services, such as home improvement, cosmetic surgery, and auto repairs, is the different prices you get for the same service. When I opened the body shop, we saw a price of $ 2,000 from a well-known store for the front bumper and grille replacement. Sometimes we can work for $ 1,000 and still make a fair profit.

So is it better to work at a large store? To be honest, their painters were able to coordinate colors better. Their bodies can perfectly align the bumper … but … is their performance twice as good? Only a figure or a painter could tell the difference. From some angles, he could see a slight color difference from some angles. And with a good quality ruler, He could check the gaps between the fenders and the fenders and found small differences.

But can clients tell the difference between a $ 2,000 and $ 1,000 bumper job? No chance If I could find colorado collision repair the difference might be (not detected) 5%.

I don’t encourage you to pick the lowest bid every time (there are some bad shops), but as a former owner, I can tell you with certainty that choosing the highest bid is hardly worth it.

You should choose the most reasonable bid price from a store in good standing.

Here’s how to find the “right” store:

1. Receive a minimum of 4 bids.
2. Make a high offer
3. Read more about the remaining 3 bids.
4. View online reviews: Google, Yahoo, Yelp, etc.
Contact the Better Business Bureau.
6. Check the store … Is it clean and tidy?
7. What about customer service? Did they answer the phone? Are they polite? Did they answer your question? Does the manager/estimator make a good and expert impression?
8. Do they guarantee the results? You need a minimum of 3 years warranty on defects such as peeling and discoloration.
9. Usually the shop has a car ready to be picked up and completed the work inspection. Do you pay for that work?

As an Amazon Affiliate Partner I earn from Qualifying Purchases