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Creative inspiration with the best crafts projects. Over the years, our life changes, as do our tastes and interests. Adolescence, for example, is a time of change, new experiences, and spiritual enrichment. Each teenager looks for ways to reconstruct their childhood room into an intimate and private corner marked with several personal items in this phase of life. Want to make an original feeling to your teenage-style shelter or make a unique accessory to enhance your vision? Discover here our super excellent proposals for a manual activity for a teenager, easy and fun.

Project Number 1. /Geometric design desk organizer

Geometric shaped wooden desk organizer

· Acrylic paints in various colors

· Paintbrushes

The realization of this first project is as easy as child’s play. All you have to do is play with the acrylic paints following the contours of the geometric organizer. For best results and a stylish look, we advise you to use 2.3 colors that go well like the DIY models in the photo below:

1. Pastel pink, coral, and Fuschia pink;

2. Light pastel green, dark pastel green, vivid green, and light blue.

Project Number 2. / Personalized tissue box


· Wooden tissue box

· Rhinestones / faux diamonds in different colors

· Glue

· Paint colors to your liking

Youth is a scene of being taken of emotions and challenges. That’s how? It never harms to become a few handkerchiefs by your side (just in case). To make this pretty box, we start by applying one or two coats of paint in the chosen color. In our case, we use a pink shade of paint. Now you have to let it dry well. Then, using glue, we fix the rhinestones of various colors on the box. And there we are, we are ready for drawing ideas!

Project Number 3. / Fruity design bulletin boards

Creative inspiration with the best crafts projects


· Cork doilies

· Pencil

· Acrylic paints

To your attention, another friendly and easy project to do yourself. If you often forget important things or love to post inspirational photos or notes on the walls, here is an idea for making some super cool bulletin boards.

1. To make a watermelon-shaped display table, draw the outlines of half a watermelon on the cork.

2. Then, using a precision cutter, we cut the half watermelon.

3. The final step is to paint the fruit. To make the watermelon, we apply a coat of pink paint on the inside and a green line at the edge of the cork. Then we put on some black dots, and that’s it!

Project Number 4. / Embroidered photo

Do you like to take pictures? Great! So, why not think of a rather original and fashionable decoration with embroidered accents? If you love the idea, here’s how to make it happen. The materials you will need are a printed photo (white and black), a few different colored embroidery threads and a needle, a piece of cardboard, spray adhesive. To achieve this impeccable effect, we must first choose an element of the photo (which we will then decorate with colored thread). The easiest way is to opt for an accessory: pair of glasses, hair band, pouch, etc. Next, we must glue the printed photo on the piece of cardboard using the aerosol spray. One fulfilled, all we should do is sew in alternating colors.

Project Number 5. / Earth globe

For teens who love travel, adventure, and motivating headlights, a great idea not to miss: have your custom-designed globe in no time.

Materials to get:

· A globe

· A mint green shade paint

· Paintbrush or paintbrush

· Floral wrapping paper

· Mod podge

· Permanent gold marker

The steps to follow:

1. Apply a coat of gold paint all over the globe. Let it dry well.

2. Then, apply at least 2.3 coats of mint green paint on the globe (without the handle and the base)

3. Using the permanent marker, write an inspirational quote on the green surface. To ensure a good result, you can first draw the letters in pencil.

4. Cut out some floral designs from wrapping paper.

5. Practice the mod podge to utilize the floral clippings to the globe.

Project Number 6. / Desk lamp

The materials needed:

· Foam core

· A scrap of scrap paper

· Drawing board

· Light string

· Spray paint in pink color

· Pencil and ruler

· Scissors

· Hot glue gun

· Cutting mat

· Precision knife

· Screwdriver

The steps to follow:

1. On a large piece of scrap paper, draw the outlines of a flamingo. Tip: start with an S shape for the flamingo’s body. You can also use an online diagram.

2. Then cut out the flamingo.

3. Trace the outline of scrap paper onto the foam sheet.

4. Using a precision knife, cut the flamingo into a foam core.

5. Using a leader, estimate the range among the lights of the string.

6. On the foam flamingo, draw dots the same distance as the one between the lights.

7. Use a screwdriver to pierce the marked points on the foam.

8. Cut strips of cardboard to draw and use the hot glue gun to attach them to the edges of the flamingo.

9. Spray the flamingo with pink spray paint. Let it dry well.

10.Finally, insert the lights into the flamingo’s holes.

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As an Amazon Affiliate Partner I earn from Qualifying Purchases

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