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define microcirculation

Cellulite has been the Define Microcirculation of many women who suffer from it, as they try countless treatments without knowing which one works best for them. Cellulite causes an unsightly appearance and is usually worse once it is not treated.

Cellulite is known by many other names, such as orange peel syndrome, cottage cheese peel, mattress phenomenon, and hail damage. Most of them talk about the bad aspect that cellulite gives the appearance of our skin. Cellulite usually grows along the lower extremities, abdomen, and lower buttocks.

Various treatments have been developed to treat this condition. Products and methods are constantly being improved to stop its development even during the early stages of cellulite. Here we will evaluate the different pioneering cellulite treatments you need to know about.

Basically, these methods can be classified into three define microcirculation approaches: physical and mechanical therapy, drug application, and lifestyle modification. The latter is not considered a technical remedy, but a long-term treatment that enhances the progress of the other two types of treatments.


Mainly it is for, which is a non-invasive method of introducing substances into the skin layer by using unpleasant electrical charges. This method comes in several forms. The most famous is Ionithermie Detox Cellulite Reduction, which was developed by Dr. Olivier Fouche in the 1970s. It consists of 4 basic actions.

Problem areas are first identified and applied with a mixture of marine plants, such as mosses, seaweed, ivy, and guarana. These plants contain substances and minerals that help subsequent procedures to be successful. It also encourages the regeneration, rebirth, and rehydration of new cells. Then the affected skin layer is wrapped with a cloth where another mixture of algae and special clay is placed on top of the cloth. The clay acts as a conductor for the next step. A small charge of electrical current is then applied to infuse the affected layers of fat cells and tissues with the above mixture. Faradid’s encouragement finally follows.

Anti-cellulite massage

Anti-cellulite massage is also another option to treat cellulite. Technically, medical experts agree that this is not itself a cure for cellulite. Keep in mind that cellulite is caused by abnormalities in the structure of fat cells and the connective tissues that surround and hold them together. It becomes less flexible due to certain factors, such as genetics, diet, physical regimen, etc. The anti-cellulite massage helps to stimulate blood circulation, which ultimately helps the affected cells and tissues to regain their elasticity.

Massage involves friction, kneading, and twisting to drain the lymphatic system, increasing blood circulation in the process. Cellulite becomes smoother and eventually fades away. Rollers and oils can also be used to further enhance its therapeutic effects. Massage works best when combined with lifestyle and diet changes.

Pharmacological agents

There are tons of cellulite creams on the market, although many have different rates of effectiveness. These are pharmacological agents that are applied topically or on the surface of the skin. They usually contain compounds, such as methylxanthine (theobromine, theophylline, aminophylline, caffeine) that prevent the accumulation of enzymes that cause a loss of elasticity. Another substance, pentoxifylline, is known to aid in improving microcirculation. Good capillary blood flow promotes skin elasticity and cellular health. Next time you shop for your next cellulite cream, look for these.

Another pioneering method of treating cellulite uses laser technology, which will be discussed in a separate review.

Keep in mind that no matter how religious you may be to benefit from various cellulite treatments, you still need to combine them with drastic changes in unhealthy lifestyles, regular exercise, good diet, and eating behavior.

As an Amazon Affiliate Partner I earn from Qualifying Purchases