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Have you ever imagined what attracts your customers to the Shopping Mall? Is it the building, people, cafes, fun games, or attractive offers?

You are correct, it’s attractive discounts and offers that people receive with your shopping mall. However, as the world has digitized, mobile applications are available, and home-comfort shopping is also available, then why should people shop from your mall?

Due to such reasons, Shopping Malls are facing lots of troubles and it is becoming hard for them to sell their products.

But do you know, those who are using digital signage for shopping malls are leveraging huge customer interaction and selling more than compared to those who are not.

So I try to give it a thought and why not make a blog on how to effectively utilize digital signage for Shopping Mall.

Here below you will find some innovative and creative content ideas to utilize for your digital signage for Shopping Mall.

But let’s first understand why you should use digital signage?

Why Should Shopping Malls Use Digital Signage?

If this is the same question arising in your mind then it’s good because if you don’t know what is the purpose or how you can benefit from using digital signage, it would be a waste of time, money, and efforts giving to it.

As you know, most of the time spent by people is on a digital screen, whether computer or their mobile phones. People are more screen-friendly than ever before, which means you can easily grab their attention if you represent your discount offers on a digital screen instead of paper holding.

Do not forget to mention that people are now finding traditional methods of marketing boring and tired of watching and hearing the same type of promotional content from uncountable decades.

So with Digital Signage, you will get a novel and innovative opportunity to promote your brand and develop a unique connection with your audience that will pay you good returns.

Thence, it is clear that using digital signage for Shopping Mall will retrieve great benefit by eloquently attracting people towards your brand.

Now it’s time to explore content ideas to utilize on your digital signage for Shopping Mall.

5 Best Content Ideas For Shopping Mall Digital Signage

#1 Display Discount & Offers

To attract and aware people of your discount offers and sales, digital signage can be a great deal for you. Run beautifully designed and colorful discount offers on digital signage screens outside as well as inside of your shopping mall. It will help you attract both audiences and grab their attention on the screen.


Placing shopping mall digital signage to promote your sales and discount offers is one of the best usages of digital signage which will magically grab the attention of people and attract them to avail offers provided by you.

#2 Showcase Latest Fashion Trends

Another way to use a digital signage screen for Shopping Mall is to run a playlist of the latest fashion trends that include clothing styles, shoes, new clothing lines, celebrity styles, and many more.

Make a creative and fascinating playlist of content to attract your audience. In this way, you will be able to inform and educate your audience about the latest trends in the fashion industry and offer them an opportunity to update their wardrobe with ongoing and popular trends.

#3 Create Alluring Social Walls

Your audience might get bored if they see a similar kind of content on screen, to offer your audience engaging and attractive content, you can display social media playlist on Shopping Mall Digital Signage.

These days almost every brand has its social media presence to reach out to their potential audience and stay connected with their customers by regularly updating their special media accounts.

Moreover, these days people are more active on social media channels, this increases the scope of content you can retrieve to display on your digital signage.

With the help of Social Media Aggregation tools like Taggbox Display, Screen Cloud, NoviSign, etc. you will be able to collect, manage, and seamlessly display social media content to your digital signage screen creatively and effectively.

#4 Run Video Content

Playing video on your Shopping Mall Digital Signage screen will help in increasing the engagement of your audience with your brand or products.

You can tell your audience about the best-selling, high-demanding, and most popular products by creating video content and displaying it on your digital signage screen.

#5 Convert Into Photo Sharing Booth

Last but not least, you can attract an audience to your shopping mall by converting digital signage into beautiful-looking photo booths.

As people are crazy about clicking their pictures wherever they unique and articulate things. Hence you can plan out a beautiful design to convert your digital signage into a perfect and attractive photo booth.


Now you come to know about some amazing content ideas to enhance the digital signage for your Shopping Mall and effectively attract an audience through using the latest technology and marketing strategy.

I hope this article will help you understand the power of digital signage as well as some effective content ideas that bring more sales, customer engagement, and revenue to your Shopping Mall.

As an Amazon Affiliate Partner I earn from Qualifying Purchases