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When we think of Mumbai, it is often synonymous with crowds and noise. Yet amidst all this chaos and havoc, Mumbai has plenty of things to do and see. While Colaba, Marine Drive, and Gateway of India are some of the most favorite and usual things to see, they are also filled with locals and tourists. But if you are booking your Boston to Mumbai flights and want to explore some out-of-the-box locations of Mumbai, then there are some of the most off-beat and unexplored things of this bustling city which are still untouched by locals as well as from the tourists.

For an extraordinary and out of the box experience of the Mumbai expedition, here’s a list of the best unexplored and offbeat locations or destinations of Mumbai:

  • Kanhoji Angre Island

Located across the Mumbai Harbour, Kanhoji Angre Island is one of the most unexplored and untouched locations of Mumbai. The island has a fort that was built by the Portuguese and was later under control held by Marathas. The island was previously known as Khanderi Island and also had a fully functional lighthouse with numerous ruins of canyons all around. If you are someone who is looking for a serene getaway in Mumbai, Kanhoji Angre Island is the less crowded place for you.

  • Street Art of Bandra

One of the most popular and poshest locations of Mumbai, where the majority of the celebrities reside, is just more than that. Bandra is full of cafes and small lanes, which are filled with street art at every corner. The old neighborhoods of Banda colonies are now transformed with splashes of colors. Various artists, painters, and graffiti artists have painted this locality of the city wonderfully and attractively. When you plan to explore Mumbai after booking your flights from Boston to Mumbai, visit the artistic streets of Bandra.

  • Dana Pani Beach

Nestled quietly in the Malad area of Mumbai, Dana Pani Beach is a secluded beach far away from the crowds of Mumbai locals and tourists. The beach is located at the end of Madh Marve road, which is exceptionally clean and refreshing, unlike other beaches of the Mumbai region. Dana Pani beach also has many resorts and eating spots where you can enjoy a simple evening meal or dinner with mesmerizing views of the sea beach by your side. While all the beaches of Mumbai are crowded, this beach will surely break that for you with few and sometimes no crowd at all.

  • Mahakali Caves

While Mumbai is full of touristy places, certain spots are yet unexplored but beautiful and should get immediate attention. Mahakali Caves is one such place located in the Andheri East area of Mumbai. They form the oldest rock-cut Buddhist monastery around Mumbai. It is also known as Kondivita Caves and has fantastic carvings of Buddha and Buddhist mythology. The sacred Mahakali Caves of Mumbai are one of the most off-beat destinations to explore in Mumbai.

  • Vasai Fort

One of the most secluded locations in Mumbai is the Vasai Fort. Even after being a popular ancient location, it is hardly crowded with tourists and locals. The Vasai Fort is protected by the Archeological Survey Of India and is one stronghold of the Portuguese, which still stands strong in the financial capital of India. Sometimes also referred to as Bastienas  Fort, it is now rumored to be haunted. So instead of being a famous fort location, it is more famous for being a haunted location in Mumbai.

  • Irani Cafes

Irani or (Parsi café) is one of the oldest cafes located in Mumbai. It is an iconic 100-year-old restaurant and bakery which is located in a busy place near the flora fountain. The Irani Café is famous for serving milky chai, kheema pao, and bun Muska. You can also check out other cafes located near the bylane of Flora Mountain are Café Excelsior in Fort, Kayani near the metro cinema, Merwan Café, or you could visit Britannia on Sprott Road.

  • Prithvi Theatre

Mumbai is the center of India’s largest film industry, and Bollywood is a significant part of the city. However, there are tons of other forms of entertainment and art which can also be found in the city. The famous Prithvi Theatre of Mumbai hosts many theatre shows and is also one of the most acclaimed theatres in the whole country. Many beginner theatre artists start their acting or theatre journey from Prithvi Theatre. If you are also a theatre enthusiast and plan to book flights from Boston to Mumbai, visit the stunningly old and impressive Prithvi Theatre.

  • Chinese Temple

Chinese traders occupied a large part of Mumbai in the past. After the British rule ended, most of the Chinese traders returned to their countries. However, few of them formed a deep connection with Mumbai and chose to accept the citizenship of India. On the Chinese new year, a few Chinese families who are still residing in India celebrate it at the Chinese temple of Mumbai. It is a small home converted into a temple, but it will surely give you an insight into Chinese culture and traditions. It is open for visitors on Sunday mornings and is not such a popular place in Mumbai, and this is why it is always free from the crowds.

Mumbai city is the arts and entertainment capital of the country, which is why as a traveler, you should make sure that you get to witness its rich artistic offerings and off-beat locations. So a visit to all these off-beat locations of Mumbai is a must to enjoy an extraordinary experience on your Mumbai Vacation.

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As an Amazon Affiliate Partner I earn from Qualifying Purchases