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Hair extensions are worn by women of all ages and are popular trends amongst women. Hair extensions can be real and fake at times. People sell fake hair extensions at lower prices in the market to earn quick money. Any hair extensions can look perfect and with a natural shine. But nobody can tell whether the hair extensions are good or not by looking at it.

However, if you are using Hair Extensions for the first time, it can be an overwhelming experience for you to figure out. Telling apart fake extensions and a good one is a difficult task because they look all the same. Knowing how to test a fake extension can save your money and prevent you from getting conned from cheap quality extensions.

Buy good quality human Remy hair extensions. You won’t regret it, because it will be worth the investment, and the right place to find one is from the reputed Diva Divine hair extension company.

Clip-in hair extensions are sold everywhere, and there are tons of online hair stores you can purchase today. With the advancement of social media, you can reach more hair suppliers right away. I recommend you look into Diva Divine hair store where the best hair extensions are available in India. It is loved and adored by most people, from ordinary women to celebrities.

Happiness comes from your hair

Every woman is born pretty. At times bad hair days are boring just because you are too lazy to fix it. But do not worry! Hair extensions are there to make your life more comfortable, easy, and convenient. Whether you face bald patches or hair losses, clip-in hair extensions are a quick solution to your hair problem.

Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions

When it comes to hair, happiness matters to every woman. If your hair is perfect, everything seems perfect. Diva Divine is there to take you to the paradise of hair extensions. It is one of the best hair stores in India. Hair extensions sold by Diva Divine are 100% virgin and natural. If you are looking for virgin hair extensions made of good quality human hair, choose Diva Divine hair extensions. You will live your life happily ever after using hair extensions from them.

If you are unsure about if the hair extensions are real or fake. There are few ways to spot fake hair extensions in a nutshell, so you don’t regret it after purchasing it later. Be wise and choose the right hair extensions that will make you happy. To differentiate Diva Divine hair extensions and to know the fake ones, you can follow these easy strategies:

Burn them to test it 

Nobody wants fake hair extensions! If you don’t want to regret investing a lot of money in hair extensions, take a minute and try this strategy right away to spot fake hair extensions. This is foolproof and evident enough to differentiate between real and synthetic hair.

Take out small strands of hair and hold them above the flame. You can either use a candle/lighter. You know how burnt natural hair smells like. It is super easy to identify fake ones from natural hair extensions if the hair strands singes and burn upward with a burnt smell. Not only that, if the hair burns with white smoke and turns into ashes. It indicates that the hair is pure natural with no synthetic fiber additives. If the hair turns into black smoke with a sticky texture when you set it on flame, it shows you have chosen the fake hair extensions.

Don’t think twice when it comes to buying pure quality hair extensions 

You can determine the quality of hair extension through their price. Stop investing your money and time on low-quality human hair extensions. Instead, choose the right quality hair extensions that feel and look natural, and that is durable. Usually, real hairs are more expensive than synthetic hair. Real hair is natural-looking, free of tangles, and gives you a natural shine. Shop around with the finest quality of hair extensions from reputed hair companies (Diva Divine). I recommend you to avoid buying cheap hair extensions when you see them in the market; it can be fake at times. You can purchase hair products that are affordable and worth the payment. It won’t make you regret it!

Source matters to you

Before purchasing hair extensions, it is always better to know the source of the supplier. You can get a consultation from the stylists regarding where this hair extension comes from. Usually, the most expensive hair is imported from Russia, Brazilian, and Indian hair. They are considered to be good quality and versatile. This type of extension can last up to years if you take care of it. So make sure always to buy hair extensions that are from the same source.

Hair cuticles are a vital part of the hair

Virgin hair is purely natural without chemical additives, and the cuticles are left intact. Another easy way to spot hair extension and tell if it’s real or not is to pick a hair bundle and start by running your fingers through the shaft. Closely observe how the hair strands feel downward and upward. Now to know the outcome, if you feel a smooth flow downward It is a good sign if the cuticles are still intact and feel the same smoothness in the downward hair. It shows that the clip-in hair extension is made of good quality hair.

Do a bleach test 

Do a bleach test on hair extension if you are unsure of knowing whether the extension is a real or fake one. Depending on the grade when you bleach your hair, if it lightens and burns fast, it shows that it is a fake hair extension.

Hair texture knows the quality of hair

Hair texture plays a vital role in determining the quality of hair. Through hair, texture knows whether the hair is real or fake. Natural hair can be identified from their softness and durability. Each strand is coated with scales and comes with a natural shine.


Now you know how to identify fake clip-in hair extensions from the real ones. Don’t fall victim to the scams that are out there in the market. Save your money and time, look gorgeous with seamless hair extensions made of good quality virgin Indian hair.

In order to avoid all mentioned hassles, it is vital to do proper research and purchase your hair extensions from reputed hair extension companies like Diva Divine. You won’t regret buying their hair products because they feel and look as natural as your hair.

As an Amazon Affiliate Partner I earn from Qualifying Purchases