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The outbreak of Coronavirus has led people to stick to strict hygiene, sanitisation, and social distancing rules. Being a social specie and on the other part suffering from this Pandemic since 2019 December, humans got wearied by constant lockdowns, change of rules and fear of gradual economic breakdown. The only way to eradicate Coronavirus from the face of Earth is by taking proper measurements as released by CDC, WHO and health experts.

In this war, it is better to know your weapons so that you can be stayed prepared with the best protective gears like buying cotton masks online or getting hand sanitizer online. Now that you are buying and saving the stocks, here is a list of different types of face masks and hand sanitizers wholesale that suits the best to people with different requirements.


Types Of Hand Sanitizers

Hand sanitizers are an essential germ-killing possession that you must buy online now. You can get hand sanitizer wholesale to save some extra bucks. There are two basic types of hand sanitizers:

  1. Alcohol-Based Sanitizer

The most common amount of alcohol in alcohol-based hand sanitizers ranges between 60-90%. CDC has recommended people to use santizers that contain 70% or more alcohol that kills germs more effectively. To fight Coronavirus, this type of hand santizers wholesale are opted more by doctors. If you have sensitive skin, it is preferable to buy a sanitizer with added benefits such as moisturiser because heavily contained alcohol can make your skin harsh.

  1. Non-Alcohol Sanitizer

This is a gel-based sanitizer that contains fewer amounts of alcohol content. Apart from today’s situation of the pandemic, this was the most preferred type of hand sanitizer among people. This too reduces germs on your skin but is not that much powerful as its counterpart.


Types of Face Masks

The topmost demand during this time is for face masks. People from every corner of the world are buying cotton mask online and stocking because this is the time, when re-using is not a preferable option.

Depending on the ply number, a face mask has the capability of preventing the spread of the airborne pathogen. Let’s understand it:

  1. Disposable Surgical Mask

This is the most common type of face mask, used as protection from different types of pathogens. It is also a recommended pick by doctors and experts. Referred as a 3-ply cotton mask online, this type of face mask should be disposed of after every trial.

  1. N95 Respiratory Mask

Enhance your protection by investing in N95 (USA based) or KN95 (China-based) face masks. These are the most recommended ones and are meant to protect you from mould, dust, and other types of environmental dangers. These masks can block more than 95% of airborne germs, making it a perfect choice for this time. Some people use it with a cotton mask online to double the protection.

  1. Gas Mask Or Reusable Respirator

People who are employed in dangerous gas or vapour contained environments, wear gas masks. This prevents inhalation of dangerous solvents, chemicals, paint, etc. These masks can be reused.

  1. Full face Air-Purifying Respiratory Mask

Scientists who work in harsh environments and require a face mask to prevent strong vapours and gases, wear a full-face air-purifying respiratory mask. This face mask even covers your eyes and come with an attached air purifier.


As an Amazon Affiliate Partner I earn from Qualifying Purchases