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Mechanics are professionals trained to perform regular repairs and maintenance on used cars for sale in Mozambique and vehicles. The mechanic identifies faults, breakdowns, damaged and worn parts and repairs or replaces them. Part of his job is to learn about the operation of two and four-stroke engines, the ignition and shutdown systems, as well as the transmission and braking systems and the carburetion and cooling systems.

Besides, these experts can assure safety measures during repairs: use the personal protective equipment necessary to avoid accidents; comply with safety regulations when using dangerous machinery and tools; keep track of transactions, purchases, and services provided.

Please note, for an auto expert daily activity can be carried out routine vehicle checks and services; Examine malfunctioning vehicles; Identify problems and find solutions; disassemble and examine engine parts; Request spare parts and fit them. As a part of the process, an expert supposed to deliver a detailed repair port to its clients that is usually about Test the repaired vehicles.

The mechanic works as an owner or as an employee of repair shops, body shops, repair centers, and car dealerships. It can also work for car rental companies and transport companies, which takes care of routine maintenance and repairs of the company fleet.

The mechanic is an expert on vehicles and their components: he knows the different types of engines (two or four-stroke engine, petrol, diesel, electric and hybrid, etc.), ignition and shutdown systems, transmission systems, and braking, the system lubrication, and cooling.

A mechanic can work on any type of motor vehicle, from cars to motorcycles, from trucks to tractors; however, he frequently specializes in the repair and maintenance of a single type of vehicle (for example heavy vehicles), to offer a more qualified.

Auto Expert do all necessary tasks and a car owner can use these services to save time and cost i.e., check and calibrate the brakes; check the air pressure and the condition of the tires; carry out convergence and balancing of the wheels; tighten loose screws and bolts and disassemble the engine to identify defective parts.

To intervene on vehicles, mechanics use computerized tools for car diagnostics (testers) as well as a large number of manual tools such as wrenches and screwdrivers, pressure gauges, drills.

The job can present risks, which is why in the workshop it is important to wear overalls, use safety devices (shoes and gloves, etc.) and comply with the safety regulations in the workplace.

With the development of automotive and transportation technology, Mechanics has had to keep pace with learning the new trends and technologies involved in vehicle design. Some mechanics specialize in certain types of vehicles including used cars for sale in Mozambique, buses, or trucks. Others choose to specialize in specific vehicle brands and manufacturers, as they may have more complicated engines and systems.

Mechanics commonly work in garages and workshops, but they can also work in dealerships, vehicle rental agencies, or transportation companies that carry out regular maintenance checks and repairs. They can also be self-employed, working in their own garages.

An experienced auto expert’s car offers various services such as Perform routine maintenance and checks: check fluid levels (engine oil, brake fluid, etc.) and top up if necessary; check and replace filters when necessary; clean and lubricate engine parts; check the vehicle’s battery and electrical system as well as Inspect, diagnose and repair malfunctions.

At a very affordable cost, an auto expert can carry out repairs and replace defective parts: extract the defective parts based on the diagnosis, using specialized tools; follow specific procedures based on the type of engine and vehicle; disassemble engine parts for minor repairs; replace and reassemble parts whenever possible; request replacements and spare parts when a repair is not possible; assemble the new pieces; check the functioning of the new parts.

An expert can document and report any repairs to their superiors and customers: make an estimate of the repair costs; record any replaced or repaired parts; register every part requested and purchased; provide customers with a detailed account of all repairs and replacements made.

To become a vehicle diagnostics, repair, and maintenance professional, you must have a professional background in mechanics, such as a mechanical engineering diploma or equivalent. Technical training provides skills related to vehicle mechanics, pneumatics, hydraulics, types of engines, operation of the main systems of a vehicle (power supply, lubrication, ignition, carburetion, cooling).

The knowledge in electronics and computer science applied to the automotive sector is also very important in the training of a mechanic – given the increasing diffusion and integration in vehicles of a large number of sensors and computerized control systems.

The career of the mechanic usually begins with an apprenticeship (mechanical apprentice), in which he perfects his theoretical training through practice. Once a certain experience has been achieved, the mechanic can begin coordinating the work of other professionals, becoming a team leader or workshop manager. Some choose instead to open their own independent workshop.

There are also various possibilities for specialization: on the one hand, there are those who focus on certain vehicle brands, perhaps by joining a specific car manufacturer, while others deepen their skills in the repair of a class of vehicles, becoming for example an auto mechanic (also of vintage cars), motorcycle mechanic or agricultural vehicle mechanic.

However, there are many professional opportunities in the used cars for sale in Mozambique sector: a mechanic can take advantage of his experience to be a tire repairer, body repairer, or electrician (to always remain in the repair workshop), or pursue a career in the commercial sector, such as auto parts dealer or as an auto and commercial vehicle salesman.

As an Amazon Affiliate Partner I earn from Qualifying Purchases