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As an Amazon Affiliate Partner I earn from Qualifying Purchases

Amazon fba wholesale course is one of the best opportunities to handle your businesses online and spread your brand worldwide. In terms of value in the cash market, companies globally are on their way to becoming the world’s first $1 trillion company! It’s an unprecedented record in the history of the world.

Prime Organic

  1. More than half of the U.S. population is members of Prem.
  2. This membership has countless benefits, including free same-day delivery, continuous video viewing, free access to the extensive music library and photo storage.
  3. With substantial business deals, Prime Day .
  4. Only owners of products sold by Amazon FBA can sell to Prem members.

You can Work on Amazon from Anywhere

  • The great thing about this amazon fba wholesale course is that you don’t need anything other than your laptop and the internet!
  • Ship your products to Amazon FBA warehouses, and Amazon employees will take care of the most tiring tasks such as customer service, shipping, returns, and more!
  • This allows you to stay at home, take care of your family, or travel worldwide.
  • Earn money while you are asleep and be free financially.
  • When you have a regular full-time job or have a job that requires physical effort, you exchange time with money.
  • You exchange a quantity of time for an amount of money.
  • That means if you stop working, your money-making stands.
  • There is also a limit to your time; you only have 24 hours a day, which means that your income is limited by your time.
  • When you sell products on Amazon, you also make money while sleeping, while traveling, while playing with your kids.
  • You don’t have to tie up a chair in an office until your retirement time comes, and that’s true freedom.

Create your Brand

Most people think only notable brands can sell on Amazon. But the truth is that 80% of Amazon sellers don’t have big brands; they’re ordinary people like you and us. There are several ways to sell on Amazon, but the model that brought millions to its owners is private label. Please choose a product, rename it, make it superior to your competitors, and then sell it to Amazon; it’s that simple. Using this business model, you’ll have more control, You will be able to find products with 40% profit margins instead of 5-10%. Because there are a vast number of people buying on Amazon, your product will appear in front of them every day without advertising.

How Aazing this is!

Find your first winning product on Amazon using accurate data and statistics. There are millions of products sold on Amazon at the moment on Amazon So how do you choose one of them to start trading? One of the biggest mistakes new amazon sellers make is selling a product they love or are excited about without checking if there’s a demand for it on Amazon. To be successful, you must look for a product on Amazon and has a customer request. In other words, people search it every day on Amazon. So, a new product that doesn’t exist on Amazon.

So, how do you know a product has to be ordered on Amazon?


Helium Ten is one of the best programs used by successful sellers on Amazon. hese programs are, of course, optional, but if you want to succeed on Amazon, you must use one of the programs, and there is no doubt that Helium Ten is the best among them.

What Criteria should you look for?

Here are the most important:

  • The sale price must be at least US$15. You don’t have to sell cheap products that offer minimal margins.
  • The target is to earn countless money to cover FBA wholesale expenses, invest in advertising, refill inventory in Amazon warehouses, improve the product, and test new products.
  • That’s why having a profit on selling the product is so essential to develop your business on Amazon.
  • Besides, you can sell less and make more money than selling a cheap product in large quantities.

Avoid product categories with certain restrictions.

There are specific categories of products that you must get approval from Amazon to sell. These products, for example, are taken through the mouth or placed on the body, as well as jewelry and cosmetics. If you are a novice seller, it is best to avoid a product in different sizes, such as clothing. Also, avoid selling sharp-edged products that can hurt the consumer. If you want to sell glass or other fragile products, make sure they are well coated not to break during shipping. Since heavy and bulky products are expensive to ship, especially from China, it is best to start selling a small and light effect. At least three vendors earn more than US$10,000 per month.

Competition is a good thing.

It shows that there is a demand for your product and that others succeed in selling it. To guess the revenues of your competitors. Helium 10 Chrome Extension I use

Stay away from Very well-known Brands.

Preferably not wanting to sell a product that a large brand has already sold, It won’t be easy to compete with a well-known brand with thousands of ratings. A tool to make sure that the product brand is known you can use Helium10 at Magnet If the number of people looking for this brand per month is in the thousands, it means it’s well established by selling on Amazon.

How do we know if there is a Demand for a Product?

We can do this by knowing how many people are looking for it every month, At least 2,000 keyword searches should be searched for you to consider selling. There are no more than three vendors with more than 1000 reviews on Amazon Amazon ratings are one of the most important criteria for product search. Valuations help sell primarily, and if the number of ratings between you and your competitors is too large, you have no hope of selling it. Take an example of that you want to buy a kitchen knife. You find that the first product has 1000 ratings and the second product has 20 evaluations, they are the same product, and they have the same price; which of the producers will you buy?

No doubt you’ll choose who has More Ratings!

This is how the majority of customers make their decision when buying. Avoid choosing a product for competitors with high levels of ratings. It is preferable to sell a product to competitors with less than 200 ratings, and if they have a 4-star rating or less, it is better.

Step 1

  • This means that you can compete against them by selling a premium product, thus getting five stars and attracting customers to you.
  • The search phase for the product to be sold on Amazon is one of the most critical stages.

Could you take all the Time it takes?

Step 2

  •  Find a reliable supplier for your product while reducing all risks
  • Most people think it’s tough to find suppliers abroad and they need to travel personally to visit different factories and choose the best.
  • This Chinese site contains a database of millions of Chinese suppliers.
  • You can find a supplier for almost any product you want, contacting many suppliers to compare prices and conditions.
  • It is always preferable to contact 5 to 10 factories to compare and choose the best.

Here are five things to know before communicating with suppliers:

Amazon Drop Shipping Course and many other Amazon courses price are always negotiable. The supplier is your friend, and he’ll be better. Partner with you on your business trip on Amazon Suppliers have limited English, so you should speak Basic English. Finally, you should show them that you come from an important company and not beginners when contacting suppliers. The minimum amount of order can be negotiated, and you can tell the supplier that you want to test the product and order more once the sale begins.


As an Amazon Affiliate Partner I earn from Qualifying Purchases

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