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Many people are asking some common questions:-

Why does the person whom they trusted a lot cheat them?

Why the person whom we believe will help us?

Why only those people betray us?

The person who we think stands behind us, why only he betrayed us.

First, we should have an understanding of how faith is different from betrayal. We should know the meaning of the two. You get cheated when we make hopes from the person or the things. People say that we thought of the person we had faith in, and we believed him as a lord, but we deceived in exchange.

The central aspect of getting cheated is the habit of making hopes. You pretend the person as a god figurine and tend to have faith in him with all your heart, but that is not real. When we counter reality, we find that we got cheated. If we could take some time to understand his mentality and his real intention with all our courtesies, then he would barely deceive us.

The reasons for getting betrayed are HOPES

We get deceived because we tend to build hopes with our emotions and imaginations. When we counter the real face of the person, we feel like we are cheated. Many times, people make beliefs in others and innocently ask them would not betray me? It is like you are hoping for a lion to survive on fruits and vegetables.

No person would ever tell you that one day he will deceive you. Therefore, those who we believe would not cheat us cheat us. We give a chance to others to cheat us. We even cross that level that we think that he can never cheat us.

Conflict between Truth and Hopes

We do not understand that today, the number of truth-speaking people is significantly less, and the reason is that there is less population of people who want to hear the truth. People do like to listen to lies as they believe that the truth can hurt them a lot. Thus, we need to understand it be becoming practical and need to use conscience and brain.

You should not believe in every told and heard matter and not bear imaginable hopes. That thing makes us think of getting cheated and break down. Just because we believe in everyone that if someone is saying that he will support you and always love you, these are all fake things.

Today, everyone is telling this to another person, and you are living in which world. Does anyone tell you that he or she hates you and I will cheat you? Everyone says that his love is impeccable. Who says that his love towards you is fake, but we believe the lies are truth every time.

Let us get this with a story

Once a king had a singer in his court. His voice was like that can even touch the spirit. The power and sweetness in his voice came from the love in him for the king’s maid. The whole state admired his vocals. One day, the king had to receive his guests. The kind told the singer that some guests about to visit our court and prepare a song dedicated to them.

The singer exclaimed that he could not sing for any other person except his lover and moved away. The king felt anguish at his statement and though how he dared to disobey his command. One of his ministers asked him to sing only if his lover would request him to do so.

The king ordered to fulfil his demand. The minister urged the maid, and the maid requested the singer to sing for her in the court in the presence of new guests. The singer told her that he could make an effort to convince his love and hence to prove it. The maid also said that she had of soft space in her heart for him as her beloved.

The singer, as per his commitment, sang in front of the royal guests. The guests were very glad at his sighing skills and left the homage. The kind then asked the singer why he did not obey his command and accepted the request of his maid. The king punished him to exile.

As per the king’s order, the singer packed his bags and asked the maid to leave this palace with him. The maid declined his proposal and told her that she does not intend to leave this palace. The singer convinced her for the sake of his love for the maid. The maid told him that she had done her work and he had committed his, although the kind is very much satisfied with me and I would not leave this palace.

The betrayal he got form his beloved

These statements of the maid were like dents in the heart of the singer.  The singer drowned in guilt for the love he had been living with for her. The punishment he received from the king for his love proved he wasted. He felt that he got betrayed by her.

In actual, the hopes we build in our minds from others are why we feel for cheating. We tend to make wrong beliefs for our love for others and hope that we receive love back.

We need to collapse the habit of making beliefs on others to support or love us. We can promote this idea by keeping in mind financial stability. When we are with financial stability, we are much confined to our lifestyle, which is much applicable in modern times.

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We pretend these unstable motions of life as permanent and tend to believe that they would affect us for a long time. However, they are meant for this. We need to secure ourselves from these bad habits and need to find happiness and positivity in all such things.

As an Amazon Affiliate Partner I earn from Qualifying Purchases