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Technology really helps people like us to manage a lot of work. Online businesses have grown at a higher scale that everything we need can be initiated online. We get our grocery and other services which help us to get things at our convenience. Similarly for arranging any family function, it’s easy to get planners and planning tools online. Events like baby showers are conducted with ease with the help of technology.

Let us look at how technology helps us to have a stress free baby shower.

Send e-invites

Inviting friends and family for a baby shower is considered respectful as mostly the closed circle and a few others are only invited. A pregnant woman, hosting her baby shower can’t keep moving around, inviting her guests over in person. In such a case, it’s easy to invite guests through e-invites. E- invites for a baby shower have become more creative in templates. Look for customizable styles and make sure it’s appropriate for the theme of the baby shower. E-invites can be easily shared through WhatsApp.

Create a baby gift registry

Create a baby gift registry online and link the URL on the e-invite. Include gift items for the baby like essential oils, baby toiletries, newborn clothes,  feeding bottles and equipment for carrying the baby and more appropriate gifts. This helps the family to receive less repetitive gifts. This also contributes to a more sustainable approach in baby shower gifting. We gift and receive gifts that have the full potential of being used for the child. When technology helps us to contribute to a waste-free gifting experience, why would we need to think of avoiding it? It’s essential to stick to a minimalistic approach in gifting as it helps the planet as well. Marking it the least we can do and gain support for a good cause. Therefore always include a baby gift registry while conducting a baby shower event.

Find the best event planners

Technology also helps us to search and get connected with the best event planners in our neighbourhood. A simple Google search gives us answers and contacts from various businesses. It is recommended to do this a little earlier (ie. about a month) to get decorators and other best event hosts who love conducting small games for the baby shower event. Planners available online have an authentic review rating and they also upload a portfolio of their work. This makes it easy for the customers to access details of different event planners services and evaluate.

Use live streaming service

Throwing a virtual baby shower is another option that we can do online for inviting over guests and talking to them over a video call through Zoom or Google Meet or any live streaming platform of your choice. Wedding Wishlist is a website that provides all the services you require to conduct a smart and sustainable baby shower. You can avail their quality and user-friendly baby gift registry service and virtual streaming services for the best virtual baby shower party.






As an Amazon Affiliate Partner I earn from Qualifying Purchases