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Not all private detectives deserve your trust as most of them exist to just dupe people and make quick money. If you’re planning to benefit from their investigative expertise, it’s then important to learn how to spot the good ones from the bad ones.

While it would be downright risky to go headlong and select an agency based on its lofty claims, you should also be ready to research online about the agency and then find whether the claims made by them have some ground.

It’s also important to know that one of top sleuths of India will have years of experience coupled with a proven track record of solving cases from diverse backgrounds, be it matrimonial investigation to divorce cases, employee verification to cyber crimes and so on.

But yes, you can easy check whether a detective agency in Bangalore is reliable by checking it against different parameters and dimensions. Such checks are not tough if you’re ready to spend some time on the web and look for clues that can easily verify their claims.

Here are some of key things to check to know whether an agency is reliable –

Registration with the Government of India

If you’re checking whether an agency is trustworthy, the first criteria to look is always is the registration with the government of India. A good private detective Bangalore will always be an entity registered with the government or with the Registrar of Companies. In addition, such agencies will also have registration with Central Excise so that they can provide invoices under a proper GST number. You can also expect them to have registered with Goods and Service Tax which in turn is necessary for having a valid GST number.

Regular filing of IT, GST & TDS returns

Even when a private detective agency Bangalore is registered with the government of India, this does not mean it’s reliable unless it meets other equally valid criteria. So, apart from their company act registration, you also need to check whether the agency has been filing their Income Tax Returns & GST Returns on a consistent basis. In fact, reliable agencies are always ready to show to the clients the copies of the returns they file should the need arises. And when such approach is taken, you know the agency is not fake.

Background of the management

A detective agency is often believed to as reliable as the men guiding it and the management that is providing it’s the blue-print to success. It’s therefore always important to trust an agency that has a solid management with proven industry leaders and managers. Before trusting any private detective in Bangalore, you should check whether they belong to an agency with a reputed management team. A good rule of thumb is to trust an agency whose management team has IB Officers, RAW officers, Army Officers, or Police Officers.

Infrastructure and expertise

There are some top detectives in Bangalore belong to agencies with a solid infrastructure of men and machinery. Such agencies often have offices and branches across different parts of the country and they are also supported by the best-in-class technology, equipment and tools. On the other hand, too many fake agencies often claim big yet a deeper search reveals they lack the wherewithal to crack cases that cross even the basic level of complexity. So, it’s better to avoid them and choose the agency that is capable of handling cases of any nature and any complexity.

Presence of lady detectives on the team

If you’re looking for best detective agency in Bangalore, it’s important to search for an agency that has lady detectives on the team. When female detectives make up the team of an agency, you can always expect it to be good at handling cases of any nature and provide good results with matrimonial investigation. After all, lady detectives can prove an asset to the industry purely for their unique approach to tackling cases related to marriage checks.


You can clearly see how a detective agency in Bangalore needs to be judged on different parameters to check its reliability in true sense and get the best results with investigation of any type.

As an Amazon Affiliate Partner I earn from Qualifying Purchases