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From chaos to order, that is all a document management system, or software aims to serve. Documents of any kind, personal or professional, electronic or paper, are essential for any business or an individual. If you are a professional, you would know how cumbersome it is to manage the massive amount of files required to conduct your work successfully.

Why Do You Need Document Management Software?

Today’s world operates on digital documents. Hence, the business data and content are implicitly dependent on digital forms of document creations and management. From contracts, proposals, marketing materials, sales decks, HR guidelines, training manuals, and other forms of business documents, everyday companies deal with many documents. 

As a business owner, you need to keep your workplace data and documents in order so that you can produce and use them as and when required. The best document management system or a DMS helps create, store, manage, and retrieve documents, whether digital or paper. A software tool that is based and operates on such document management system strategies is known as the document management software. 

The best document management system software helps to organize all your files in a single workstation. It keeps track of your documents and saves your time, thus boosting your workflow, accurate output, and easy access to your documents from any part of the world. Therefore, if you are thinking to work efficiently and stay one step ahead of your competitors, choose the best document management system. 


Here are some benefits of the best document management system tool you need to know:


1. Reduced storage space: 

Paper documents’ storage system is quite unaffordable nowadays with the steep increase in commercial properties’ expense. Digital documents are much more efficient and do not occupy file cabinets, boxes and storage bins, or other commercial spaces. Freeing up these spaces not only makes the workplace clutter-free but also saves on property expenses. 

2. Amplify security measures: 

Every enterprise has those sensitive documents that demand document security. The best document management system software provides control over sensitive documents to keep them well protected. It provides access control at the folder level for different groups or individuals. It also leaves an audit trail to trace back the document’s history. Managed documents are much more traceable and can be subjected to generate alerts. 

3. Reduces the risk of non-compliance: 

A DMS tool records retention schedules and helps your digital documents to maintain compliance requirements. Some compliance requirements are even complex and challenging for many to follow. A document management system sees to such requirements and can be regulated to generate automated alerts to prevent non-compliance. 

4. Makes information retrieval easy: 

The time-consuming process of searching and retrieving a file is reduced by a document management system tool. It is powerful and time-saving software that makes retrieval of a document very easy. Any word or any phrase from the file can be used to retrieve the managed file. Full-text search or indexed categories can be applied in DMS tools for easier retrieval. DMS also facilitates the easier integration of the business applications making critical data much more accessible. 

5. Efficient collaboration

DMS has made information sharing and collaboration much more comfortable. Documents gathered from different sources are accessible from multiple locations. Sharing of documents over the internet through systems like emails is made possible by electronic imaging. 

DMS is responsible for providing better workflow monitoring through greater visibility of business processes. Version control is yet another feature of DMS which allows the recovery of the older version of a document. 

6. Scalability

The requirements of a business grow with its every success. More data and more information lead to more documentation. More documents imply the increased possibility of more clutter. A document management system tool is essential in such cases as it is easily scalable. With a DMS tool at your fingertips, you can always opt for more cloud storage capabilities and keep your workflow intact.

Document Management System Requirements Checklist

The following are the document management system requirements checklist features that exhibit some of the minimum digital document management system software requirements. 

  1. The DMS has to be a highly accessible and scalable platform capable of supporting millions of files and documents.
  2. The DMS must be supported by a network operating system based on Windows 2008 R2 server or higher.
  3. The DMS in a managed environment must be supported by a desktop client that is fully certified with Windows 7 or higher.
  4. It must support the enterprise licensing model.
  5. Regular checking of server configuration and settings is mandated for a DMS to ensure that the document repository functions correctly and without any errors.

Best Document Management System

For an organization that is just at the initial phase of starting or has managed to set a small organization, the best document management system software helps manage the business. If your documents are sorted and managed by a reliable DMS tool, you will concentrate on other business aspects. 

Time management and productivity are the two aspects that any business depends on and crucial for startups. With DMS tools, these aspects are more likely to be executed appropriately. Here are some best document management system tools recommended for a startup or a small enterprise to better manage their business documents. 

For startups:

  • eFileCabinet: It is one of the best DMS tools with a high popularity rate in the market.
  • M-Files: This application is said to be the ‘future’ of the document management system. Automation based on AI technology is the key feature of this tool. 
  • PaperTracer: It is ideal for small and enterprise-level trades. It gives you the ability to automate your trade contracts and digitize your documents within a centralized database management system. 

For Small businesses 

  • FileHold Express: It is a very efficient DMS tool for small businesses. It follows a file structure that is almost the duplicate version of cabinets, drawers, and folders. 


  • Zoho Docs: This document management tool allows you to store everything in a centralized location and makes it easier for you to upload a wide variety of document types. You can access your data at any point in time.
  • SharePoint: It is a web-based collaboration with Microsoft office. It primarily holds and executes the properties of a document management and storage system software. 


 If you feel we have missed any vital information that could benefit businesses in finding the right document management software, do share your views.

As an Amazon Affiliate Partner I earn from Qualifying Purchases