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Creating a good email marketing business also means organizing a database. A database is an organized collection of structured data to make it easily accessible, manageable, and updatable. Put simply, it can be said, a database in … of contacts you have obtained with a good business of lead generation. Lead generation is the process of attracting and converting potential customers into leads, then obtaining contact information. In digital marketing we use a …. That’s why you need to understand how to segment newsletter subscribers into lists. The essential requirement of this activity?

Working with a professional tool for mass mailing. Only in this way can you define the contacts you have collected with the best lead magnet. The lead magnet is free content or an incentive to convince target users to leave the email or other contact references. The lead …. Optimizing content and sending the right newsletters to genuinely interested people is important. How? Here’s how to segment newsletter subscribers into lists. And reap good results.

The topic of the Post

  • 1 Why work on contact segmentation?
  • 2 Segmentation between B2B and B2C of the newsletter
  • 3 4 types of customer email segmentation
  • 4 Programs to segment subscribers into lists
  • 5 Do you want to segment newsletter subscribers into lists?

Why work on contact segmentation?

To increase the percentage of openings and clicks on links that involve interaction or involvement of the subscribers to the database. I’m talking about Open and Click-Through Rate, metrics that can tell a lot about the success of a good corporate or personal newsletter.

The basic concept is simple: segmenting means creating groups within the database with certain characteristics. For example, you can create lists based on static characteristics such as:

  • Kind.
  • City.
  • Date of birth.
  • Nationality.
  • Work.

Or there are the dynamic segmentations. These, also known as behavioral attributes, mainly concern how the user interfaces with content. So you will have different emails based on open rates, clicks on links, interactions with a call to action. A Call to action (translation: call to action) or CTA is an instruction to the public aimed at provoking an immediate response. In this, an imperative verb like … is usually used.

Segmentation between B2B.B2B (Business-to-Business) is an adjective used to describe companies that sell to other companies. For example, Studio Samo is primarily a B2B company, because it sells … and B2C of the newsletter

This kind of difference is very important when it comes to how to segment newsletter subscribers into lists. The reason is simple: there are different marketing objectives between B2C and B2B.

In the first case, you talk to end customers who are interested in purchasing a single product. And then you can activate a basic geographic segmentation. Or think about an email marketing automation action to send, on the birthday, a greeting message with a discount.

4 types of email segmentation of your customers

How to segment newsletter subscribers into lists? There are different ways to activate these dynamics, but in most cases, we can work through 5 basic ways to organize contacts in a database collected and built with your lead. Often translated as “contact”, a lead is an individual or company who has shown interest by sharing contact information, such as email address, telephone number … best magnets.

This is one of the bases for creating diversification in the lists. You can enable branches to split email sending based on the contact’s behavior. What can be:

  • Potential.
  • New.
  • Habitual.
  • Idle.

You can well understand that the type of newsletter to be sent to these contacts is completely different. You cannot compare the communication you manage for a potential customer with that of a customer who hasn’t bought for a long time. Or that lands for the first time on e-commerce.

The potential must be transformed into a regular customer, the latter needs loyalty while the inactive one must be recovered from his state of apathy. Maybe with content other than offers or discounts on products or services. In these cases, for example, how do you proceed?

Simple. From the list, you select only the users who do not open their emails for a fairly long period (like 3 months) and a message is sent to reconfirm their subscription to obtain a special resource. Doesn’t this happen? The contact can be removed.

Programs to segment subscribers into lists

As anticipated, one of the essential points to manage this important resource of email marketing is the possibility offered by the various programs to send newsletters to activate this operation.

Create a segment with Mailchimp.

One of the best programs, in this case, is Mailchimp. The software in question allows you to activate a series of very specific segmented lists, you can find them all on this page.

It is not the only software for sending mass emails that allows you to create segmented lists of subscribers to the database. There are many, one of those I know is Mailup. This, thanks to the steps presented in this section of the site, allows you to avoid blunders such as sending a DEM insurance campaign for a city to the entire database.

The advantages of Mailup.

Ease of use reigns supreme over this program. With a geographic filter, you can only send messages to contacts in that area. The same happens with the activity of lead nurturing. Lead nurturing is the automated process of sending personalized and relevant content to leads, prospects, and customers at each stage of the process of …: Do you want to send a specific email only to contacts who have opened the previous message?

There is an activity filter that orients new messages based on previous results. This makes it even easier to set up follow-up campaigns that are useful for your email marketing work.

Do you want to segment newsletter subscribers into lists?

Here you find a starting point for achieving good results. The point is clear: through database segmentation, you can achieve good results and communicate with the right people, without sending useless content to people who may be disinterested. This means optimizing, do you agree? Leave your opinion in the comments and tell how you worked.


As an Amazon Affiliate Partner I earn from Qualifying Purchases