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Yes, good question: is it possible to earn with a blog which displays information in reverse chronological order, with the latest ? As a professional who has been working in this world for several years, with a regular VAT number, I can confirm that the solutions are there. Sure, those who can move can monetize their blogging online presence but don’t expect to make money without working.

Why am I stressing this point? It seems logical to me: in most cases, the idea of ​​working as a insurance blogger is connected to a computer on the beach, by the sea, and with a cocktail on display. How to make money with a blog? Simple, monetizing with automatic techniques. In reality, these are just fairy tales.

Or rather, some techniques use the blog to find work and clients. Others to bill thanks to advertising and affiliate programs that bring money to your tills when people take certain actions on your pages. But to achieve all this, just being there is not enough. Indeed, the competition is fierce and the work you have to do to emerge is nothing short of titanic. So, is it still possible to monetize with a personal or business blog? My opinion is positive, and I want to show you the way forward.

The Topic Of This Post

  • 1 Monetize with advertising and affiliations
  • 2 Editorial work: sale of articles and reviews
  • 3 The doubts and problems of classic advertising
  • 4 Why not think about inbound marketing?
  • 5 Is it possible to make money with a blog in your opinion?

Monetize with advertising and affiliations

This is the step aspiring bloggers think they should and can take. They have myths, references that still echo in their ears. And that allows us to hypothesize great scenarios. Like, for example, the name par excellence: Salvatore Aranzulla. A man who bills millions of Euros with advertising

The first step I can suggest when they ask me if it is possible to make money with a blog is advertising. Which is divided into three or four branches. The first is the simplest: sign up for a PPC stands for pay-per-click (pay per click), how AdSense is a Google advertising platform that allows website owners to monetize their sites by displaying contextually relevant advertisements, At this point, a part of the money invested by the advertiser goes to you and a part goes to Google, lord, and master of the diabolical mechanism.

You need to find the most profitable niches and figure out how to enter the Banner. The announcement consists of an image (.jpg, .png, .gif) or an object …that attracts more clicks. In this regard, there is another way to monetize with the blog: sell advertising space to people who need visibility. You use sidebars, footers, and other angles to get people to find profitable solutions.

Finally, you can work with affiliations. That is to say agreements with companies that sell products and services online that offer a clear solution: with a URL. And you get a percentage that in some cases becomes interesting.

Editorial work: selling articles and reviews

Outspoken, I answer the question and do not spare the dark corners of this world: is it possible to make money with a blog? Yes, and many do this by selling advertising space in an editorial form such as guest posts The activity of publishing guest posts is called guest posting …and paid items. Some misuse the concept of native advertising, others work with the evergreen press release. In any case, the desire to earn is great, sometimes too much.

Many blogs are flooded with reviews, opinions, and more or less piloted opinions. But still well paid and this represents a red herring, an irresistible attraction. Who says you can’t make money with blogging? You just have to be lucky enough to get into the right loop. Beware though, the drama is around the corner.

The doubts and problems of classic advertising

Of course, the first problem for those who want to make money with a blog is this: I don’t know which way to choose but, as many bloggers suggest, the way forward is diversification. You can’t monetize just one way, and in fact, it’s not worthwhile. AdSense also allows multiple flows to coexist on a web page to make money online, as long as everything is clear and understandable. Without confusing the user.

The point is that we have now reached such a saturation level that it is difficult to find a profitable niche to monetize with banners, affiliate links, and advertisements. These channels need constant and massive flows of profiled visits to constitute a source of income, and often the commitment is not worth the investment if not in the long term. And without any certainty of finding at least part of what you invested. Why should you invest, I’m sorry for those who are still looking for ways to make money with a free blog.

All this without forgetting the risks that those who sell posts, reviews, and editorials run. If you add to all this the famous link without nofollow. Who, as you well know, does not like too close relationships between those who sell and buy links. I don’t want to be a bigot and a respectable person, and I am convinced that link earning is not the answer to all the evils of this world. I’m just saying that there are ways to make money with a blog that is not sustainable in the long run. I prefer to look elsewhere, here.

Why not think about inbound marketing?

With the blog, you can be found when people need you thanks to a good ranking on Google. And you can create virtuous relationships with the public through social communities, comments left by readers, spontaneous sharing that you can trigger thanks to the buttons in each article.

This does not make you money directly, but if you have created a good internal flow towards the landing page customers, often after having …you can make the traffic generated by the blog turn into something different. Here are two options that are not invasive and capable of increasing the probability of profit in the long term without affecting credibility.

Finding new customers online

Through personal online diary articles you can grow your brand A succession …, and you can make yourself known to the people working in the world you want to conquer. Every day an article, every day a comparison: at first you have to sweat to get noticed, but with quality content, you can intercept your future employers. It is possible to make money blogging if you move along this line, but you are selling your skills.

Selling products and services

Similar reasoning applies to those who use the blog in different terms, more pragmatic but always based on the logic of inbound marketing. If you have an e-commerce or if you sell info products you don’t need many visits. But only the right ones, and with a blog, you can get the answer to your needs. Provided that every action is based on a good editorial calendar. Content management and optimization SEO

Is it possible to make money with a blog in your opinion?

This is my opinion. Is it possible to make money with a blog? Of course, you have to go beyond classic internet advertising and the idea of ​​simple income-based on inserting two or three banners. It no longer works, it is not a suitable mechanism for everyone. There are big players in the sector who monetize and even more like they used to, the others are left with crumbs. Better to focus on inbound marketing and use the blog to grow your business, don’t you think? Do you agree? Leave your experience in the comments.

As an Amazon Affiliate Partner I earn from Qualifying Purchases