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Dunlop Tyres is a multinational firm founded in 1890 in Dublin, Ireland, by pneumatic tyre pioneer John Boyd Dunlop; Dunlop Tyres is managed by several global companies worldwide. Dunlop tyres have been motivated by a consistent commitment to performance and achievement for over 127 years. We believe it is necessary to create high-performance and ultra-high-performance tyres for users. And, whether on the road or the track, we have the results to show for our dedication. Dunlop tyres have cutting-edge technology such as aquaplaning helps tyres maintain grip at high speeds on wet roads, and Noise Shield Technology decreases vehicle noise by up to half.


Why choose Dunlop tyres 

  • Dunlop is a multinational tyre manufacturer of premium and budget tyres for cars, vans, 4x4s, and sports cars. Each tyre Dunlop makes is motivated by the desire to push the limitations of performance.
  • Dunlop tyres Wolverhampton are passionate about innovation, and they work hard to develop cutting-edge tyre technology that will increase efficiency, control, and enjoyment of your driving. Dunlop tyres are always looking for technology and new ways to provide drivers with that delightful sense of control and security.
  • Dunlop tyres are designed with fuel efficiency, wet grip, which measures how well the tyre brakes on wet roads, and external rolling noise, which measures the tyre’s exterior noise.


Features of Dunlop tyres 

  • Dunlop tyres include unique characteristics that function by bonding an innovative polyurethane foam layer to the tyre’s inner surface to reduce internal vehicle noise while maintaining performance.
  • A multi-blade tyre that is up to dealing with the harsh and variable winter driving conditions. Each blade excels in specific situations, allowing the tyre to be used in all types of winter weather.
  • Dunlop tyres are made from a specific bead seat, a system that improves the connection between the tyre and the rim to give you more control, a more authentic driving experience, and outstanding road feedback. As a result, they improved road feedback and provided more stability and accuracy.
  • The Dunlop MFS (Maximum Flange Shield) system is a rim flange protection system comprised of a rubber profile that wraps around the tire’s perimeter, producing a buffer zone for the rim, protecting expensive alloy wheels.
  • Dunlop tyres Wolverhampton ‘ Hybrid Overlay Technology assures decreased circumferential deformation at high speeds, and then the tyre offers superior high-speed stability. a smooth wear surface, a high level of wear resistance


Junction 11 motors keep an extensive stock of Dunlop tyres in store for all makes and models. We have been a consistent supplier of Dunlop tyres because we value the quality of Dunlop tyres and their commitment to their consumers. Our technicians have much expertise installing, repairing, and tyres on various commercial and personal. You can count on junction 11 motors for professionals and honest advice, and dedicated work. To appeal to customers with a wide range of driving preferences and budgets, we have Dunlop tyres Wolverhampton of these different categories :

  • Summer tyres
  • Winter tyres
  • Run-flats tyres
  • All season tyres
  • Performance tyres


Best selling Dunlop tyres are

  • Dunlop BLURESP XL (J)

As an Amazon Affiliate Partner I earn from Qualifying Purchases