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Linksys AC2200 Setup

Setting up and troubleshooting steps for Linksys AC2200
The installation of the Linksys AC2200 Setup is simple and does not include a CD. You can do this manually or you can use the software as well. As with most Linksys Extenders, open the Configuration tab and change the settings manually.

Manual setup
Using the web interface extender, we can manually update the AC2200 by opening the Linksys AC2200 Setup Configuration page and manually change the settings like other older WRT Series routers. And I think this is a very simple process.

Use the Intelligent Configuration Wizard
The setup of the Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Router is made simple by using the Smart Configuration Wizard. It is included in the firmware and can be used even if the router does not have an Internet connection or if it is in its usual settings.

Linksys AC2200 Setup

Linksys AC220 Setup without a CD or download manual.

1: Check the link to the Internet by modem
Next, make sure that your modem is running. Link the main computer to the modem. Make sure that your main computer is able to access the Internet directly through a modem. If you are unable to access the internet directly through a modem, please contact your service provider to get your modem to run first.

2: Link to the router
Use an Ethernet cable to connect your laptop and modem to the Linksys AC2200 setup. Connect the modem to the Internet socket (which is on its own) and the computer to the Ethernet port.

3: Open the configuration tab
Open the tab and enter in the address bar. This is the default IP address for almost all Linksys Extender versions. However, you can access the command prompt and check the IP address on your phone.

4: Change the Internet Connection Configuration.
In the left column, you can see all the options required to change the parameters. In the Extender Configuration area, click the “Connectivity” button.

5: Internet Connection Settings for ISP Cable
You need to clone the MAC address of your Cable ISP system as seen in the picture below. The power cycle of the network.

Tap the Internet Settings icon at the top of the list.

6: Change the configuration of your wireless network.
Change the Wireless Network Configuration as seen in the picture below.

Since this is a dual-band extender, you’ll see two different wireless networks.

SSID is the name of the wireless network. Move both of the SSIDs. Keep the names of the two SSIDs separate so that you can differentiate them.

How do I fix your firmware?

  • Before downloading your firmware, make sure your computer is connected to the Ethernet cable. Don’t upgrade the firmware on your wireless device.
  • Download the firmware from the Linksys website and save it on your wired computer. If the firmware you downloaded is box, you need to unzip it before proceeding with the update process.
  • Use to log in to the configuration page of your extender.
  • Go to the page for “connectivity.” You’ll see the Firmware update option on the right. Now you can do this automatically by clicking the Automatic Checkbox and checking the notification button. Or you can do this by clicking the File Select button manually. Choose a file for your downloaded firmware. Click the Start button.
  • Wait until the firmware update is complete.

Your Firmware update is complete.

How can I reset the Linksys AC2200 Setup?

Before you reset the AC2200 Linksys Wifi Range Extender Setup, be aware that the extender will return to the factory default settings. But if your network is working correctly and you have a little trouble, stop resetting your screen. Instead, look for another alternative.

There’s a small reset button on the back of the AC2200. Click it and hold it down for 30 seconds. The light is about to flash. Release the button, please.

As an Amazon Affiliate Partner I earn from Qualifying Purchases