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Each and every woman wants to look stylish and elegant. Hence smart and classic buys are essentials because they are timeless and they outlast any fashion trend. There are some elegant wardrobe essentials that every woman should own regardless of their age and fashion preferences. Luxury items which are of superior quality should be added to the wardrobe so that they stay for years to come.

One can buy those items from best online luxury fashion stores but before that one should be aware of the items that are needed to be added.

White Shirt

They are said to be an eternal trend. It is a basic item that can be combined with various elements so that it can fit one’s style. One can combine them with a pair of classic jeans or with midi and maxi dresses of various colours. Apart from that one can also team them up with a pleated, peplum or knee length skirts. One can add elegance to any outfit by wearing a white shirt.


This is a flattering and belted waist which has functional fabric and trench coats are always a practical addition to the wardrobe if one lives in harsh weather conditions. One can wear them with any bottom of their preference like jeans, pants, dresses and footwear to make it look stylish. The best time to wear them is during autumn and winter and one can also flaunt them as their spring collection wardrobe.


It is another timeless wardrobe essential which was invented by Coco Chanel in the year 1926. It is kind of a universal dress and if one can team them up with different accessories then they look different each time.  Regardless of the occasion a Little Black Dress always looks appropriate. It can also accentuate one’s figure really well and hence one must accessorise it something which is minimum.


Another timeless option to keep in a wardrobe is the pumps. Wearing them makes one feel confident because one can easily pair them up with any casual clothes and it makes one’s appearance more feminine. One can keep nude pumps as they go well with almost every outfit or else they can also go for some vibrant colours in order to make a bold fashion statement.

Camel Coat

This is an essential for winter season and it never runs out of fashion. They look great with pants, pumps and sweaters as well. One can also wear them with skirts because they are a great fit to any contemporary outfit as well.

White Sneakers

They are comfortable and no one can deny that. They look attractive and sexy and one can wear them with almost every outfit. It is easier to pair them up with jeans and T-shirts, midi dresses, skirts and shorts. No matter if it is a casual outing or if it is a date, they can fit in everywhere.

All of these essential items can be bought from luxury online stores and they are definitely for keeps.

As an Amazon Affiliate Partner I earn from Qualifying Purchases