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Tasbih is an Islamic bead that involves the praise of God in Islam through reciting sub-handler as well as the use of namaz. The recitation of tasbih is an essential part of the call to prayer in Islam and tasbih is recited by imams, muftis, and religious leaders. It is an imperative obligation for Muslims to recite tasbih at regular intervals. Recitation of tasbih has several meanings and motivations.


Tasbih, the plural of tasbeeh, means “reciting God’s word in a silent prayer”. Recitation is required of all Muslims irrespective of rank or religion. It is an act of worship performed by Muslim people before entering their houses. It is an important part of Salat which is obligatory on every Muslim.

Description: The recitation of tasbih is an important component of Urdu prayers, which are mandatory daily prayers in Pakistan. The act of tasbih is performed by Muslim men and women who are able to read and follow the Quran. It is an important part of Salat and is recited 34 times Allahu Akbar. It is a blessing for anyone who is performing Salat because it is an act of worship.

Motive: TASBih is recited as a blessing from Allah in Urdu and is an act of worship. Recitation of tasbih is believed to bring the tranquility of mind and soul. It is a way to acquire knowledge about all the religions of Islam. It is also a way to acquire knowledge of all the works of famous poets and famous scholars of all times. There are many Urdu tasbih poems that are written in beautiful language to praise all the beautiful things of Islamic tasbih.

Fabric: Wearing tasbih beads is very beautiful and it looks great when worn on the head, neck, and hands. It has an overall effect of elegance and beauty. Tubes and strings of tasbih beads are also available. These tasbih beads come in different shapes and sizes. They can be made out of silver, gold, glass, and silver and gold threads of different colors.

Use: A person, who is willing to wear tasbih should make sure that he is clean and tidy before going to bed. Once he has dressed and is ready to go to bed, he should take one or three capsules of nine. The tasbih capsules should be taken thrice a day. Three capsules of insane are believed to give positive effects on overall health. It is used to treat depression, anxiety, and other mental disorders.


Tastes and smells play an important role while reciting tasbih. One must try his level best to recite tasbih with proper diction. Recitation should be done in a soft tone so that it does not hurt the ears. The person who is going to follow the Muslim has to go through proper prayers and should focus on the words of tasbih. It is believed that tasbih can give blessings for various types of diseases and also for one’s life in general. According to tasbih experts, reading the verses of taslim in recitation helps in acquiring knowledge about Islam and can lead to a closer relationship with God.

Wearing prayer beads:

while going to bed, the person should wear prayer beads on both hands. The prayer beads act as the guide to the person who is reciting tasbih. They help in identifying the right hand while reciting the Muslim. The person must make sure that the right hand is raised with the palms upward.

Rosaries: People residing in Iran have different ways to recite tasbih. Many of them prefer to use rosaries which are used by the ancient Persians. There are many advantages of using rosaries in the prayers. Firstly, they help in identifying where one is walking and also identify the direction. Secondly, they help in reciting the entire taslim in a smooth and easy way.

Muslim Prayer Beads:

Muslims have their own way of reciting tasbih. They believe that every Muslim prayer should be recited in a proper way. One of the main requisites of Islam is to pray to face the qibla or direction of the mosque. Each prayer bead helps the person in pronouncing the taslim with ease and confidence. They believe that Muslim prayer beads can lead one towards the path of righteousness and peace.

Fatimah: Some people believe that tasbih is optional while others believe it is obligatory. However, this is not the case. One thing that is compulsory for a Muslim is to recite Fatimah in a loud and strong voice before starting the taslim. Another thing is that one should never leave the taslim till he reaches the end. A loud and clear voice is required to pronounce the Fatimah in front of everyone because only a powerful voice can call someone towards performing slim.

As an Amazon Affiliate Partner I earn from Qualifying Purchases