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When you go out to buy tyres, the different varieties can confuse you. The market is loaded with different types of tyres, some of which are quite innovative and special. You can find tyres based on seasons, budget, performance, and road type. All of this has become possible because of the technologies. 

The different types of tyres are easy to understand. You can make a sound choice by knowing a bit about all the tyre categories. This can help you choose a tyre set that is suitable for your vehicle. From Performance Tyres London to Run flats, the market has a huge stock of tyres. Let’s have a look at the different types of tyres. 

Performance tyres

Drivers have always felt the need for more responsive and performing tyres. Performance tyres are mostly designed for sports cars. They are more responsive to the road conditions than a conventional tyre. 

Performance tyres feature unique tread designs to hold the road with a firm grip. They deliver an overall optimum performance for quick results. Performance tyres are more expensive than standard Tyres London

Run flat tyres

Punctures can be troublesome. To save people from the hassle of punctures and blowout, Run flat tyres were developed. They have a special structure that retains the air even after the tyre has been punctured. 

Run flat tyres allow you to drive for 50-100 miles with a punctured tyre. Their tread compound has multiple rubber layers stacked together using strong adhesives. They don’t let the air move out of the tyre altogether. 

Premium tyres

Based on the performance, Premium tyres form the creamiest layer. They deliver smooth and comfortable drives. They are made of fine quality rubber for effortless driving experience.

All the major brands manufacture Premium tyres. They offer outstanding traction in different road conditions. Premium tyres keep you safe by providing string road grip. These tyres carry a heavy price tag. 

Mid range tyres

After premium tyres, the next category is that of the mid range ones. These tyres are made of good quality rubber. They are not as good as the premium ones, but there performance is somewhere near to them. 

Mid-range tyres can easily fit your budget. If you are looking for a tyre set that costs less and delivers excellent performance, then Mid-range tyres should be your choice. 

Budget tyres

The last section of tyres includes budget tyres. These tyres are usually used for emergency purposes. You can’t drive with budget tyres for a long time. They easily attain punctures and other damages. The only big advantage of these tyres is their cost. Their price is much less than all the other tyre types. But you can only use these tyres if you are an occasional driver. 

Now that you have gathered all thr important information necessary for making a good tyre choice, you can proceed with the tyre shopping more confidently. 

As an Amazon Affiliate Partner I earn from Qualifying Purchases