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Nowadays, people can’t imagine their life without smartphones. It has made life easy in many ways. The cellphone has become the most common device which we use in our daily life. Everyone uses cellphone especially teens very much attracted to devices. Teenagers are addicted to smartphones which leads to several mental health issues. Mobile phones and the internet can be dangerous for everyone, especially for teens. Children are more likely to use Phones for their personal use. Kids feel free to use cell phones and the internet because they don’t know the harmful effects associated with the digital world. How can it be damaging the child’s behavior and mental health?

Threats of using cell phone & internet

Some online threats lead parents to worry about their children. Let’s take a look at the following!

Cyber bullying

Cyberbullying is cyber harassment. Cyberbullying is used for digital harassment. It takes place on digital devices.  When children use social media and the internet they face online bullying for sure. The best protection tool for your child’s safety is to use parental control app.

Cyber predators

Sexual and cyber predators are stalking children on the internet to take the advantage of their innocence. Kids feel independent for use of the internet and mobile phone. They don’t know the disadvantage of online activities. Cyber predators can play with the innocence of kids.

 Posting private information

Kids do not understand the social digital boundaries. They upload their picture with personal information. They are addicted to uploading everything of their family moment in public view.


Phishing is the use of email to trick people from a click to different links and attachments. It’s difficult for kids to get rid of email phishing and they more likely to lose their social media accounts and emails.

Parents Prevent kids from online threats

Parents always concern about their kids’ online activities. Technology can bring harm to the child, emotionally and physically. Parents try to safeguard the well-being of their children. Parents want a tool that helps to know the all activities of a child. Kids mostly like Phones for his/her personal use. Phone spying software is a powerful and authentic tool to monitor all activities of Phone devices. Users can easily control iOS devices. Parents can access with their child’s phone to keep an eye on kid’s digital activities and monitor call logs, WhatsApp logs, and geo–location.

 Phone monitoring parental control app

The android spy application is a monitoring program for parents to protect kids from inappropriate activities. This application allows parents to spy on their children’s phones. It consists of a lot of features for the tracking of the Phone. TheOneSpy has powerful features like messages, WhatsApp logs, Geo-location, and track the media that has to share.  Parents can track all incoming and outgoing calls logs and media like photos and videos.

  • It prevents kids from cyber bullying.
  • It protects children from stalkers online.
  • It regularly updates about teen’s activities.
  • It enables to spot inappropriately installed app on Phone.
  • It operates the inappropriate sharing on social sides.
  • It can catch the call from the stranger.
  • It cans an eye to teens to protect them from the harmful effects of social media.

Features of Phone monitoring app

Call logs

Parents easily track the Phone for incoming and outgoing calls.


Parents get access to their child’s mobiles incoming and outgoing SMS.  Through the Phone monitoring app, users can monitor messages.

Device info

It makes it easy to provide all information about iOS devices further with the name of the device.


Parents can monitor on WhatsApp with a Phone monitoring app.

Installed app

The Phone monitoring app able to monitor the iOS device and get to knows about the installed app. Through this parents check the all app which is installed on their kid’s Phone.


With the help of a monitoring app, parents get to know all appointments in the Phone calendar and you get to know the location and time zone.


It makes it able to track all contacts which already saved on the Phone. Parents can get access to the all contact of their child’s phone.


Parents come to know the all activities on the notes app with Phone monitoring software. It will able to get them organized and detailed information made in the term of checklist, web links, documents, and list.


Parents can use the TheOneSpy application to monitor all activities of their children. It protects kids from online harassment and inappropriate social activities. Child safety is the parent’s priority.

As an Amazon Affiliate Partner I earn from Qualifying Purchases