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Worshipers may prefer to have a prayer mat in their home, but if they are going to be performing Salah in their home, then there are many concerns and issues to keep in mind. First, who will clean up after them? The proper way to do this is by having separate blue prayer mat, something which is just used for salah and nothing else; this way the place of prostration isn’t so complex with soil or other foreign objects that may cause discomfort or distraction to the worshiper. The texture of the salad [Arabic word for prayer mat] should also be soothing to the touch so that the worshiper is able to concentrate on praying without any disturbances or distractions.

There are a lot of prayer rugs available for purchase. Prayer rugs come at various sizes, colors, designs and prices. Some prayer rugs can even be interwoven together. They are also easy to wash and they last a long time.

The traditional prayer mat used by Muslims is quite large and thick. It has a hole at the center that is big enough for the whole congregation to step into. This large prayer mat is also usually dyed in different colors so as to distinguish it from the other prayer rugs. Other than that, they are quite plain. They are made of wool, silk or cotton, but the prayer mat used by Muslims is usually made of something durable so that it can take the punishment that the worshipers give it during prayers.

Worn on floors, a prayer mat will provide comfort and also a sense of security. On a carpet, it will make the floor look very clean. On a hard floor, the prayer mat gives the impression of no coverings or covering whatsoever. It can be used as a prayer mat or as a cushion on the floor. When placed under the pillow, it serves the dual purpose of providing a comfortable sleeping position and as a pillow on which the imam can place his feet.

Elongated prayer rugs is called a 2.5 ft prayer rugs. They are made of thick material, such as wool. Such rugs are usually used for indoors purposes, as they do not absorb much water. The best quality of such prayer rugs is their long lasting durability. A typical 2.5 ft rectangular design has a weight of around 45 pounds.

A prayer mat with a rounded edge, or one with a squared-off edge is known as a touch-sensitive mat. They have a button or a magnetic clasp to press while one is sitting on it to place the hands on top. Such prayer rugs are very attractive and are available in many colors and designs. They can easily be washed and have a very short life span. A typical touch-sensitive prayer mat has a weight of around twenty pounds.

A special blue prayer mat called a black-on-white splash mat is used by Muslim converts to Islam and is mostly used indoors. It is large enough to hold a complete prayer, which usually consists of Namaz, Dajjan, and Talis. A prayer mat used on a carpet can look very boring, but when laid out in front of a prayer chair, it looks beautiful and elegant. Such prayer rugs can be purchased from any furniture store or from online stores.

Finally, there is an all cotton prayer called an al-bukhari. The prayer rug has a polypropylene weave, like a very soft and plush blanket, which is very comfortable to sit on and lie down on. They can be washed very easily and are available in different colors and styles.

As an Amazon Affiliate Partner I earn from Qualifying Purchases