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An SEO specialist is a demanded profession in Russia, especially in Moscow, for several reasons. In the era of Internet globalization, a company’s active presence in the vastness of virtual issuance becomes a decisive factor in identifying a marketing strategy for the sale of goods and forming an image. The effective increase in company recognition through the Internet is a reality that is converted into an influx of new customers. How competently the work will be organized and carried out, and most importantly, practical conclusions are drawn after the campaign is the task of the marketing and advertising departments.

The decisive link to achieving the goal is a specialist in search engine promotion of sites (SEO optimizer). It is he who is assigned a unique role in promoting the company’s website. This article will discuss how to develop the skills of this profession, whether it is possible to undergo training, what is necessary for this, and how to become an SEO specialist or SEO optimizer to effectively popularize the business of your employer or being an employee of an agency, or in a freelance format. Work.


The answer to this question can be very ambiguous. Simultaneously, if you pay attention to an SEO manager’s functions and key responsibilities, the first conclusions should be drawn. An SEO specialist is a versatile and multifunctional person in the truest sense of the word and concepts. A genuine virtuoso of his craft, able to write articles for the site, constantly update it with new thematic content, purchase links, work in social networks, and control ads’ display in contextual advertising.

As a rule, an SEO specialist has to carry out complex work in one person in this position. Only a combination of controlled and responsible tools will bring the company and its employees a universal benefit. Thanks to whom? Quite right – to an intelligent and wise SEO specialist. Perhaps the most important thing that should be understood at the beginning of this article is that he must constantly and urgently control the process of website promotion. For this, there must be a clear plan on paper and not somewhere in the head. And now we will try to find out why this is precisely the case.

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Experience-based on successful projects. The first thing you will have to work on in conjunction with improving search engine optimization knowledge is building a portfolio. This is the essential thing that everyone will pay attention to. Only well-promoted sites will say everything about a specialist without further ado. Knowledge of Google and Yandex search algorithms. Want to learn SEO? Then constantly improve your knowledge and skills. Search engine algorithms are continually being improved and changed to reflect new trends. An essential prerequisite to building a successful SEO career is tracking and adapting to these kinds of changes. But remember that you will not be afraid of changes if you promote your site with high quality and take care of it. The main rule that hundreds of SEOs have already experienced is that.

This is the law and philosophy of SEO. Search engines will take this into account. Subsequently, this approach will benefit the site’s positions for crucial queries and the entire project.

Knowledge of internal website optimization basics, writing SEO texts, selection, and placement of key phrases. At least 50% of the entire advertising strategy’s success on the Internet depends on how correctly the site is optimized and prepared for external promotion. The first thing that needs to be studied well is how to optimize the site correctly, write texts for people, search engines, select critical phrases, and place them on your site’s pages. Take this point most seriously, and you will undoubtedly succeed.

Knowledge of the basics of programming and HTML-structure of the site + technical characteristics. Today, when hiring an SEO specialist, one of the key points when looking for an employee in a vacancy is the item and the requirement “knowledge of the basics of programming.” This is necessary since almost all sites have specific technical characteristics that can positively or negatively affect the promotion. Knowing these points will allow you to avoid the risks of improper optimization and website promotion and put the project to crawl by search robots. Url structure formation and nesting depth are the key points that an SEO specialist should know.

Knowledge of promotion tools

There are many of them, and each of them must work together. Some devices work at the same time. Suppose you can conduct contextual advertising, promote your site on social networks and buy links to elevated sections – and all this can be done in one day. The slightest glitches in advertising methods can significantly affect traffic and sales. If you don’t know how to use SEO tools, then you should take an SEO course from some good Institute.

Knowledge of the art of purchasing links, temporary and eternal. Attracting links, both in a paid way and naturally manually, is a critical factor in ensuring that your site has a chance to become famous. This concerns Google, which attaches a unique role to the site’s link environment’s quality. The principles of purchasing, like eternal and temporary links, are fundamentally different. You need to know and understand the difference between temporary and permanent links, their types, selection of sites, and link donors’ requirements. 

Knowledge of the basics of website promotion on social networks. Social networks are an essential source and tool for high-quality website promotion. This tendency, as practice shows, will increase. However, the informational approach to social network users is somewhat different from what actions SEO specialists use to attract traffic from search engines.

Ability to work with contextual advertising. PPC advertising is an excellent tool for increasing website traffic and sales. Often, this tool is given a unique and sometimes the central place in the company’s advertising strategy. It would be best if you learned to understand the intricacies of creating campaigns and ads, track conversions, and return on investment. It is essential that the landing pages that users will come to when they click on your ad are as convenient as possible and “lead” users to take a specific action – registering on the site, ordering and buying goods, filling out a feedback form, and much more.

Final Words

For starters, mastering all of these points should be enough to claim that you are a good SEO confidently. A portfolio of projects testifies to the skills of a website promotion specialist. This is the first criterion that future employers or clients pay attention to when looking at SEO services. How do you achieve such a portfolio? You need to start and grow successful sites, constantly work on them, and reach the heights of search results for the necessary key phrases, the competition for which is rapidly increasing every day. Today, almost every industry has extreme competition, and it can be tough to break through to the top of search engines.

As an Amazon Affiliate Partner I earn from Qualifying Purchases