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pulsed electromagnetic field

What is pulsed electromagnetic field therapy and how important is it in the treatment of brain disease?

Electromagnetic radiation therapy is the use of a pulsed electromagnetic field to heal the body. Originally found in nature and regenerated industrialized in machines that can help heal the body. Quartz and hematite were used early in treatment to affect people’s electromagnetic fields.

What happens to the body’s electromagnetic field when someone is sick?

Electromagnetic fields surround all humans and disease can be seen in the electromagnetic field before the disease appears in the body.

How long has this been used to heal the body?

China has been using a new type of magnetic therapy for almost 2,000 years. China and Russia have been leaders in bio-magnetic resonance therapy and related medical device manufacturing for at least 70 years.

Which brain diseases will benefit from electromagnetic radiation therapy?

It can be used to treat optic nerve atrophy, Alzheimer’s disease, anxiety, Parkinson’s disease, insomnia, stress, depression, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis ( ALS), multiple sclerosis, migraine, and seasonal affective disorder (SAD) can be contraindicated in a variety pulsed electromagnetic field of illnesses, including bipolar mania, pregnancy, and people with plaque or joints.

How does electromagnetic radiation therapy generally affect the body?

It improves sleep, improves circulation, increases energy, and reduces stress and anxiety. Electromagnetic wave therapy can reduce cerebral edema, accelerate brain chemistry, balance hormones, balanced amino acids, improve learning, reduce cognitive impairment, improve memory, and change electrolytes. It can improve cellular energy and reduce inflammation.

Are there any other important uses that have not been explored?

Electromagnetic wave therapy is highly effective in anti-aging medicine. It’s hard to find the best equipment. A wonderful mind has been thinking about this field of medicine for twelve years. It can help the body recover approximately fifty percent faster after surgery.

Is there more than one type of magnetic resonance therapy?

Pulsed energy is a type of electromagnetic therapy. There are many other types of machines and there are many ways to change the level of transmission of energy.

Can magnetic resonance therapy cure moderate brain disease in which neurotransmitters are overloaded?

Yes, this can be a very effective tool to calm your brain. Very low medical-grade laser therapy can treat overheating and undercurrent neurotransmitters.

Dr. R Stone has an M.D. in Alternative Medicine from India, a Master’s in Finance from St Thomas University in Houston, and a BBA from UT in Austin. Dr.R Stone has also trained in Laser Therapy, ICAET, and NAET. Membership: Cambridge Who’s Who, Stanford Who’s Who Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, Kunsthaus Museum (Zurich), Austin Modern Art Museum, New York Metropolitan Museum of Art, Dali Foundation, Austin Art Alliance. And the Chagall Foundation.

As an Amazon Affiliate Partner I earn from Qualifying Purchases