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We all have known the exclusive culinary uses of an oregano plant. This small, aromatic herb finds effective application in many popular Italian dishes. This plant also possesses an aesthetic value to your utter surprise. To find out about the unexplored edges associated with the oregano plant, you need to have one near you. You might be surprised to know that you can keep your favourite culinary herb.

Some Features Marking an Oregano Plant

Although we are aware of the aromatic and dried remains of the oregano, we are not very habituated to seeing the oregano plant adorning our balcony or dining spaces. However, you can explore the raw plant nature of this aromatic, bushy, and perennial herb. The oregano herb grows to a height of around 39-40 centimetres. The leaves of this aromatic herb fill in the senses of the people who relish the taste of pure Italian pasta and pizza. The leaves are usually having dimensions of more than 4.5 centimetres that run opposite each other. Although the leaves are of prime importance, the oregano flowers also add a new dimension. The purple and white-colour flowers are unique as they have dual lips. 

Tips to Care for an Oregano Plant

The Base Layer- Every oregano plant prefers having well-drained sandy cum loamy soil. This type of soil helps the oregano plant to thrive well owing to the drainage facility.

The Hit Trio- The essential trio promoting healthy plant growth is light, temperature, and water. The lip-smacking flavours of the oregano herb add an extra taste to various dishes. This flavour gets enhanced with optimum light. It is necessary to put the oregano plant under the sunlight during the growth years. It will help the herb retain its authentic taste and also promote healthy growth.

Then comes the ambient temperature. The oregano plant mostly prefers low temperatures for its adequate growth. Although, this green herbaceous plant has to stand against low temperature. They do not require much water and, they prefer having episodes of watering for their loamy soil. It helps to keep them fresh.

A Stylish Trimming Can Help- You can avoid the legginess of the oregano plant by trimming them occasionally. It gives them a denser look that carries an aesthetic value. The height of the oregano plant can be about 4 inches. It is also essential to maintain the best quality of the oregano herb. You can assure its quality by thinning out the plants once in the year during early springs. It will enhance the growing capacity of the self-seeding oregano plant.

Keep Enemies Away– It is advisable to take extra precautions while harvesting the leaves of this aromatic herb. You can procure this herb to keep its flavour intact for a long time and protect them from the attack of harmful pests and insects.

You might be keen on trying your hands-on culinary skills and adding a tinge of exotic taste to your dishes. All you need to do is to keep a handful of aromatic oregano herbs by your side. You can buy oregano plant online from trusted sites. These herbs serve multiple functions. They have exceptional medicinal properties also when applied topically.

As an Amazon Affiliate Partner I earn from Qualifying Purchases