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A traditional garment that is worn by the Hazmi women is their salwar kameez, which is a long flowing dress usually with a front opening for ease of movement and a back piece to help keep the dress tight. The word “salwar” means dressing in Urdu and the word “kameez” means dress or trousers. Although a garment that is largely worn as a garment of defense, the salwar kameez has now become a popular piece of clothing for personal use and can be used in a plethora of traditional ceremonies including marriages and funerals, and even by male participants at certain events. The tasbih or misshapen veil has been worn for centuries by Hazmi women and is also called the “masjid alama” or “masjid Alamin.” The name has changed slightly but the intent, meaning “ablution from head to toe,” remains.dark brown beads

The traditional garment called namaz has always been the bridal veil but this tradition has been modified by various cultures around the world including Pakistan, India, Malaysia, and the United Arab Emirates. The tasbih, or misshapen veil, can be used to complete the traditional look for the bride. There are many different styles of tasbih to choose from so no matter what your taste is, you will find a design that suits you perfectly.

A traditional wedding ceremony in Pakistan starts with a three-day process known as the sharar. This is the time for the groom to propose to his bride. Once the proposal is accepted, the wedding ceremony will officially begin. Along with the bride’s family and friends, the groom’s family also makes an appearance at the wedding ceremony. The bride’s family will sit beside her in a small group while the groom’s family will sit in a larger group, at times even facing her.

The personalised tasbih letters are traditionally used during the marriage ceremony and are also seen at other functions and celebrations throughout the month of Ramadan. Each tasbih is decorated with traditional Pakistani motifs and patterns. A tasbih is used to write marriage vows between the two families. It can also be used as a wedding invitation, or a sign of respect among friends or relatives who come to offer their condolences on the wedding day.

There are many different designs available when it comes to personalised tasbih letters. The most common ones that are used in weddings are the salwar kameez. It is considered a classic and elegant attire for a wedding ceremony. The kameez can be simple or embellished with precious stones, embroidery, and fine fabrics. It is staple apparel worn by all Pakistani women from ages twenty to seventy-five, as it is a symbol of status and beauty for married women.

There are other muslim prayer beads designs as well such as that of the salwar kameez with a pair of tassels. It is a popular design among Pakistani brides. Another popular design is that which depicts both bride and groom sitting on a mountain top with a rope between them. This tasbih is also very popular among young girls who aspire to become married someday because of the symbolic message it sends to them.

A bridesmaid can wear a tasbih with an Islamic motif. It can be an abaya, jilbab, or long gown with churidars and a headscarf. These are all traditional wedding wear for Muslim women and considered as very auspicious. If a groom wants to make his wedding to have a truly unique and auspicious tasbih, then he can even use one himself. However, he must know that this will require a significant amount of money since he needs to buy the fabric, embroidery the design, pay for the labour of the hand-knotted and pressed tasbih strings, and pay for the ink to print out the tasbih letters.

The personalized tasbih letters are also an option. A personalised tasbih is a set of tasbih letters that is specially made based on the specifications and requirements of each individual bride. This means that there are different sets of tasbih letters available for different occasions and requirements. For example, there are tasbih letters for henna tattoo, different letters for a wedding on a camel, different letters for a funeral on a plane and so forth. Thus, the bride can choose a tasbih letter that best matches her personality and more

As an Amazon Affiliate Partner I earn from Qualifying Purchases