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The reason people choose a natural carpet is that natural carpets can help in balancing the temperature indoor. Natural carpets can manage humidity and provides warmth when walked barefoot. The natural carpets do not have static properties and is best for use in bedrooms as it has insulation for sound. Natural carpets like sisal are good for use indoors because of reasons like the twine that is strong and cannot break easily and easy cleaning. Before purchasing any natural carpet, the buyer needs to differentiate between natural and synthetic material carpets.

From Where to Buy Natural Carpets?

If you are asthmatic or allergic to pollen, then you should choose good natural carpets that are pollen and pollutant-free. Most of the natural carpets will come with a coating of anti-moth and anti-flame. Due to this reason, when you buy a new carpet there will be a pungent smell that you may not like but after some time it goes away. If you are ordering a natural carpet online then there are fewer chances that you will get a certification on the use of coatings and materials. So, always choose a retail shop for buying carpets from where you can get the certification, and manufacture details.

Wool & Sisal Carpets & Cleaning

Wool carpets are heavy and the maintenance is difficult. It requires regular vacuuming and if any spills are there then it requires cleaning with a mild carpet liquid soap and cloth. Sisal carpets are the most durable, easy to clean, and maintain carpets. Dust does not settle on the sisal carpets and it can be vacuumed easily. Always clean the natural carpets in a direction of weaving with a vacuum cleaner. And if the carpets have mud soil or shoe marks, then let it dry, and after that, you can use a brush to clean the surface, but make sure that you do not scrub it harshly as the twine, or weaving in the binding areas can come out.

Seagrass & Coir Carpets –

Seagrass carpet is also one of the best natural carpets that people can use for their homes. One of the benefits of seagrass carpets are that it is non-static, so there are few chances for hair, pet hair, or strings to stick to the carpets. Seagrass carpets are tough and do not lose color and dirt cannot easily settle on these carpets. Coir carpets are also the best natural carpets that are available. It is made of coconut husks. The material of a coir carpet is coarse. Since dried coconut husks are used, you can get dyed colors of this type of natural carpets.

Cost of Natural Carpets –

Natural carpets, except wool the other types like sisal, jute, come in different weave patterns and shapes. The cost of this type of natural carpets depends on the weave pattern, whether an intricate work or a common weave pattern. Wool carpets are costly because of the material and its usefulness, though tough to maintain and clean.

As an Amazon Affiliate Partner I earn from Qualifying Purchases