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There is a wide range of domestic air conditioning units to choose from for your cooling needs. With summers getting hotter each year, air conditioning in London is very much a necessity.

Multiple air conditioning companies are in the market with a multitude of products. They offer everything from commercial air conditioning units to domestic ones.

There are a few governing factors that determine which air conditioner is suitable for your needs. Before getting into the details you must know some basics about air conditioning installation in London.


BTU is the Key

The efficiency of cooling a room depends on the cooling power of the domestic air conditioning unit. Cooling power is measured in British Thermal Units or BTUs.

It is said that you need 20 BTUs per square foot. So you need to know the room size to calculate BTUs. The cooling power also depends on things like room height and the amount of sunlight coming into the room.

For instance, if the ceiling height is more than say 8 feet, then you might have to increase the BTU requirement. The same increase of BTU is needed if you have a lot of sunlight entering the room.

Similarly, if you are planning to install an air conditioning unit in the kitchen, keep the BTU high because the heat inside the kitchen will be more compared to the rest of the house. Keep in the BTU must also be increased if there are over 2 occupants in a room.

The physical size of the AC is also important. If you have very limited space inside the room, choose an air conditioning unit that takes up less space compared to other alternatives.

The air conditioning service london will help you with finding the area of the cooling space and reach a suitable choice for your needs.


Types of AC

Now that you know the first steps in AC shopping, here are the choices you have for domestic air conditioning units. An expert air conditioning contractor will take care of everything from installation to repair of each of these.

Window air conditioners

These are self-contained, standalone units. Window air conditioners as the name suggests are installed on windows.

All components, including the evaporator, compressor, and others, are housed in one place in the case of the window AC variant. So they are easy to install and require very little physical space.

air conditioning maintenance london can educate you about the places you want a window AC, as they are suitable for single rooms.

You should think about centralized air conditioning systems for cooling down multiple rooms. Also, refrain from going for a window AC if the room has too much sunlight coming in or has high ceilings.

The noise from the window AC is another demerit. Nobody wants a noisy electrical device to unsettle them during sleep.


Portable air conditioners

Portable air conditioners are gaining popularity among homeowners because of their greatest advantage- portability. These are placed on the floor and some units also have casters to make movement much easier for you.

They take in the air from the inside, cool it and send the cool air through the front while discarding the hot air outside your home. This kind of air conditioning unit has an exhaust pipe which can be taken out through a window.

Efficiency is a major issue in these kinds of air conditioners. The window air conditioners have better efficiency than portable ACs for the same cooling space. The portability feature comes at a price but with low efficiency, you might lose money as operational costs.

The portable air conditioner has a lot of working parts so it might also produce more noise like the window unit.


Central air conditioning

The most efficient air conditioning mechanism if you are planning to cool down your entire home. The system works along with the ductwork so if you already have ductwork this is the best choice.

Apart from the air handler unit which comprises the coil, blower, and filter, all other components are outside your home.

The issues are huge upfront costs especially if you have no ductwork. But the initial investment is worth it as it provides comfort and cooling in every room. It is a must to have one or two maintenance checkups in a year. Expert professionals can come in and check if every part is performing well.


Ductless mini-split air conditioners

As one of the most efficient air conditioners in the market, it is not surprising these are high in popularity these days. These are suitable for houses that have no provision of ductwork.

The ductless mini-split air conditioners are installed on either walls or ceiling. The indoor unit comprises the evaporator coil and air handler unit while the compressor is placed outside the home.

Unlike portable and window variants, these are much more expensive. But like the latter, you do not need to compromise on the noise and view from the window. Experts from air conditioning installation London can help you set up both indoor and outdoor units.


Wrapping Up

Before going out to get yourself a new air conditioner keep the above things in mind. The air conditioning company London can help you with every step of the process.

Even after you get an air conditioner of your choice, check the functioning from time to time. You can avail the help of air conditioning repair in London for expert services.

As an Amazon Affiliate Partner I earn from Qualifying Purchases