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In the world of website designing and development, most of the tech geeks are aware of snippets. These are the excerpts from a webpage of a website. A snippet usually contains the URL and sometimes a keyword set on the higher priority. It matches the part of the search query and takes the user to the topmost results. All in all, it is the first touch-point that brings a customer close to the brand.

But what’s a rich snippet? If you’re also a bit perplexed, it is totally fine. Many people hear the word ‘Rich Snippet’ for the first time and make different assumptions. If defined in the simplest words, it is an information-rich snippet with concise yet catchy description. Search results under a rich snippet will be showed separately and will be placed on the right-hand side of the webpage. Rich snippets play a key role in uplifting the rankings of ecommerce stores. Today, a majority of ecommerce websites are operating on Magento.

As of April 2020, Magento has a market share of 1.4% of all websites that use content management systems. These figures highlight the great popularity of Magento. With this, you can estimate the popularity of Magento web designing. But even after the Magento ecommerce store has been created, there must be a question that emerges in mind – what to do next? At this point, it becomes mandatory to install rich snippet extensions. In this write-up, you’ll read about the rich snippet extensions and their importance.


Why Rich Snippets Are Important?

For every ecommerce store designed using Magento, rich snippets lay a positive impact. They significantly boost the web space on SERPs: this is very effective, since search engines generally minimize the size of the vital information items to the pixel density or the set of characters. So once your page “occupies” more space, it means taking advantage of more strategies to expand and attract users.

Rich snippets make the website more popular, gaining more user interest, hence increasing the chances of users accessing the website, which indicates higher the CTR – click-through rate. Attributed to the rise in CTR, the rich snippet has substantially affected the ranking of the website on the search rankings. More and more users on the list, the more Google would value and the better the ranking.


Rich Snippets: The Ones You Must Consider

  1. Product Schema Markup for Snippet

The product scheme informs the web browser that the data on the current page applies to the product. In other words, it is a page for the product. It is a gateway for various product-related snippets that describes the properties of the key product: name, brand image, SKU. By default, Magento 2 already features a rather simplified product Rich Snippet markup. There are several important attributes that are missing: brand, image, availability, bid, review, etc.


  1. Schema Markup for Reviews-Ratings

Evaluations and Review Rich snippets tell Google the latest number of reviews and average ratings (attractive stars in Google results) for the existing offering. The addition of ratings and feedback via rich snippets will significantly improve visitors’ trust in both the store as well as the product. Also, having search engine results scores will significantly illuminate your search results ties, making the most desirable rich snippet in SERP.


  1. Schema Pricing

The Offer Schema allows the price of the product to be reflected in Google Search results. In addition, it allows reminders of a special rate (with start/end dates) to be released. In Magento 2.3.5, this Snippet is also partially implemented. There are a few critical elements missing. That being said: item condition, approved payment methods, availability, special price, etc.


  1. The Availability Offer

The Bid Availability Schema tests the stock levels of the product range and shows SERP availability as well. Magento 2.3.5 doesn’t really help and therefore, does not incorporate this scheme. But SEO Suite incorporates a rich Snippet of availability, including a bunch of options for extended configuration. Hence, web designers should be considerate of the inclusion of the availability schema in Magento web design.


  1. Organization Schema Markup

The Organization Schema helps the search engine to organize and control your business information and most importantly, to show it while searching. Contact details can include the name, logo, location, opening hours, social page links, phone numbers, and other details that remain useful to the client.


  1. Breadcrumb Rich Snippet Markup

The Breadcrumb List Schema helps the search engine to accurately decide the location of the items in the database and most significantly, makes the interpretation of your products in the SERP much simpler. With this Magento Rich Snippets Breadcrumbs scheme, Google will display a concise category path (category names) instead of a direct URL to the product.


  1. Rich Snippet FAQ

In certain instances, the product page also provides answers to specific questions about fees, delivery, refunds, etc. With the introduction of the Rich Snippet FAQ for available features, you will engage more prospective consumers.


Testing, Debugging, and Auditing Google Snippets

Once you’ve introduced Rich Snippets following suggestions on the Magento 2 website, you ought to ensure they’re running as planned and without distracting errors and alerts. You can use the below- listed tools

  • Google Structured Data Test Tool
  • Google Rich Snippets Test Tool (the modern version of the first one)

To permanently audit Rich Snippets in Store: Google Search Console (Search Console>Improvements >Products). It displays all pages having incorrect rich snippets and total number of valid rich snippets.


Final Words

Using rich snippet for e-commerce enables you to significantly boost the CTR in SERP and as a result, drive more consumers to your shop. In Magento 2, only two of 6 major snippets are supported, and this is not enough. Besides many SEO enhancements, the SEO Suite expansion facilitates all of the rich snippets mentioned. Other less important rich snippets are often introduced (catalog, gallery, and webpage).

As an Amazon Affiliate Partner I earn from Qualifying Purchases