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Ever heard of man caves and she-sheds? If yes, now’s the right time to have one as they are all the rage as of late and there is enough reason. All of us desire to have a designated place to unwind. Whether it is to have the much needed alone time or just to hang out with friends or doing both. Having one of these is an option if you have the space. Here are 4 interior decor ideas for a man cave or she shed that you always wanted.

  1. Relaxing and rustic – In case you are leaning towards the idea of having a shed in the backyard of your house that has a more rustic barn like vibe, hardwood floors are your choice. They are beautiful and can be a great selection for your hideaway. Or if you are going to do a more DIY greenhouse vibe, choose soft colours, natural light and plants in the room.

Speaking of which, ceramic or a porcelain tile can make a stunning option. Along with that, add a vintage looking ceiling fan, some nice art, flowers and pictures and voila! You have a shed made with your own interior decor ideas that is nice, comfy and cosy.

  1. Gamer zone – A game room situation can be the ultimate desire for any man cave or she shed fanatic. Throw in some accessories like neon signs, play cards, multiple TVs and furniture to just relax and unwind. Garages or basements are the top choices if you are looking for this sort of makeover for a man cave or a she shed. If it is the basement, you can choose carpet for the flooring as it not only creates an inviting as well as a relaxing atmosphere but also provides top notch insulation from both cold and sound.
  2. Modern chic – Instead of a rustic or gamer room vibe, interior decor ideas for your man cave or she shed can actually lean towards something more modern and sleeker. If your seen the Mad Men series, there is a classic but underrated style of room mimicking a library.  For this sort of a room or shed, elegant and timeless hardwood floor would be great. However, if you are on a tighter budget but still want that modern feel, then opt for luxury vinyl that mimic the look and feel of hardwood but at a lower price.

Whatever you vision as your ideal man cave or she shed, it is always better to take the help of a professional or get  canvas prints online as per you like like artistic prints or watercolor canvas prints Not only they will help you to realize your interior decor ideas into reality, they will also help you find the perfect floor plan, square footage etc.

As an Amazon Affiliate Partner I earn from Qualifying Purchases