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Are you close to reaching your middle-age years? Well, if you are, most of you might be facing a “midlife crisis” which is an ordinary phenomenon. We cannot stop ageing and it’s inevitable! However, all men should start embracing the great benefits that come with it and also abstaining from the bad habit that makes them look older than they should be.

With that being said here are the worst style mistakes men commit that make them look older: 


1. You wear a pair of ugly running trainers 

blue, white, and black Nike running shoes

Let me guess, you’re probably carrying a huge bag, a practical fold-up bike and is wearing a pair of hideous running trainers. Don’t wear running spikes and look like a commuter! It’s ridiculous that you wear a nice and crisp suit at work and wear a pair of silly running trainers, it’s a look you may want to avoid. Yes, they are comfy but wear them appropriately so you won’t look so OLD. 

But we suggest that you ditch the running trainers and opt for a pair of plain white sneakers if you want to be comfy on the daily commute. They even go well with suits and will add some youthful touch to your walk to work. 


2. You still behave like times haven’t changed 


Notice during formal occasions how some men wear things that are simply no longer appropriate for them. Look at your uncle who pulled out a jacket for your cousin’s wedding that’s two times big with shoulder pads like what a football player would have and a buttoning point that’s extremely low as same as what you see in the 1990s Armani jacket. 

This is similar to the crazily printed 90s silk tie. They are not simply made for the current style anymore, which is for a great reason. One of those reasons, for instance, is the drastic change in weight gain that will make you look very different. 


3. You like to wear badly fitting clothes 


This is probably one of the quickest ways to put extra years in your age, slipping your way into a pair of baggy bootcut jeans that you match with your skin tight beer-belly clinging polo shirt. If you wear clothes that don’t actually fit you correctly, it would look as if you’ve chosen an economically careful dress sense where you don’t purchase new clothes, even though you’ve gained or lost weight. 

Take this friendly advice: if you know that your clothes don’t fit, then don’t even start thinking of wearing them. If your trousers already go up to your chest, please, just don’t give it a chance. Look for clothes that will look amazingly fitting on you and you’ll surely knock down those Grandad “improvise and fix” outfit options right on the head. 


4. You don’t love your grey hair 

man standing on beach during daytime

At some point in your life when you’re getting old, you need to accept your grey hair. Plenty of middle-aged men like to hide the truth about the greying of their hair. Well, having the first strand of white or grey hair on your head may be shocking to you, it’s not actually a bad thing! Having a little grey streak in dark hair can even make you look dashing and classy. Just for this reason alone, why not start embracing your grey hair and accept it rather than dyeing it every single time a grey hair strand grows on top of your head. 

When it comes to home dyes, be very careful. Most of the time, they’re super strong and can damage your hair. The problem with dying your hair is that it can be very recognizable to other people, and most of the time you’ll look much older with your dyed hair than how you normally look without one. Grey hair is IN! 


5. You’re acting too young too much 


Sometimes, the thing that can make you look older is by dressing far too young, and it also makes you look weird. If you’re in clothing store shopping, for instance, in a streetwear shop, and you look around seeing teenage boys, most likely you’re in the wrong shop. If you’re in your 50’s already and you still like to wear tight skinny jeans, you’re drawing too much attention.

We’re not limiting you to wear whatever you like. You’re free to express yourself but try to avoid the bygone ‘mutton dressed as lamb’ ways. Just remember that you’re growing old and it’s a part of everyone’s life. Don’t forget to provide yourself with some awareness of your wardrobe. 

As an Amazon Affiliate Partner I earn from Qualifying Purchases