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Hoardings are one of the most vital aspects of the health and safety standards on a construction site. It plays an integral role in notifying the passersby and the construction workers about any hazards on the road. For the safety and risk reduction on a construction site, they are an extremely handy tool. The Construction Design authority has made it compulsory that both the general public and the construction staff are safe from any disasters waiting to happen.

The regulations regarding construction site hoardings are only getting stricter. But it is for everyone’s wellbeing – the staff and the public around the construction site. Different construction sites can choose to have different types of hoardings. It is important to understand what are the different types of construction site hoarding available and its benefits. Let us take a look at some of the different construction hoardings that can be used.


Steel Hoarding Board

Steel hoarding boards are famous for their longevity and are regarded as a desirable option for various construction sites. Additionally, these are quite compatible with various fencing options available. Hence, if you have safeguarded your construction site with a fence, a steel building site hoarding is the best option. Moreover, these are independent and do not require additional assistance to install. There are various features of this type of hoarding board including light-weight, easy to set up and boundary formation for the public or for vehicles. Another great alternative to the steel hoarding is a dibond board which is made up of aluminium or dibond panels which is extremely durable as well. Steel hoardings have been popular for a very long time. Many construction companies have been using them for years. They can also be easily reused in a new construction location as and when required.

Timber Hoardings

Timber hoardings have been used since a long time now for huge construction sites. Timber hoardings are generally available in an installed, concrete set and different types of concrete blocks. One of the best advantages of these types of hoardings is the ability of customisation. It is easy to paint these hoarding boards in your brand colors for better visibility and brand recall along with a short message from your brand regarding safety. However, it is important to know whether your hoarding board printing company uses the timber that has been sourced responsibly. Despite offering good brand value and a safe option for construction sites, they cannot be repurposed to use again and again. Unlike the previous option of steel hoardings, the timber hoardings can be utilised for a project or two depending on the general surroundings. Timber hoardings are another very popular option for construction site hoarding. Even though the repurpose option for timber hoardings is limited, they are still preferred by many construction companies.

Hoardings with water filled bases

These are one of the most widely used options for construction sites for a short-term basis or temporary usage. These construction safety signs hoardings include water filled bases which offer proper stabilization. It is ideal to be used for construction sites that are difficult to approach with heavy loads. Other than that, these are quite easy to assemble, carry and reassemble as and when the work demands. Hoardings with water filled bases are extremely economical and complies with the standard user and vehicle gates. It is crucial to safeguard each and everyone around the construction site, whether it is a worker or the general public passing by the site. They are widely accepted by construction sites all over the world.

Different construction sites might require a different kind of hoarding depending on the equipment and material they are working with. Also the level of safety at different sites can vary. This level or degree of safety that needs to be maintained can also help in determining which construction site hoardings to use.

Looking at the above three options, let us check out some of the guidelines and best practices while choosing a construction site hoarding.

  • Duration – The duration of your project is vital. It is important to know whether it is a short term or a long term project so that you can decide which type of hoarding to go for. Use hoardings that can be used for long-term projects and can also be repurposed for future projects.
  • Reusability – It is important to realise the surroundings to know whether you can re-use the hoarding again if required. Or you will have to print a new one with your company branding. Reusability of the hoarding is an important aspect in deciding on what kind of hoarding you will choose.
  • Location – Just like your other advertising/brandings signs and banners, the location of your construction site plays a major role in determining the type of hoarding and bollard covers to be used. If the construction site is located in a warm or rainy climate, you might need to go with the best options and you cannot look to cut costs there.
  • Scale of Project – You must understand how big or small the project is. It will determine whether you would need more hoardings than usual. The quantity of hoardings will also change your overall budget significantly.


Wrapping Up

Last but not the least, we have come to the final part of this article and we hope that now you must have a clear understanding of the different types of construction site hoardings. Now, it is critically important that your construction estate agent board is fixed according to the guidelines established by the Construction Management Department or your company could face penalties that can affect your overall budget. This construction site hoarding has the ability to save you from the fire along with theft and trespassing.

Moreover, it is necessary that the hoarding is examined in a timely manner to make sure that it follows health and safety compliance. This is because, as the work progresses, gates may be moved or changed depending on the requirements and hence a timely inspection is essential. If you need assistance with construction hoarding boards for your next project, you must get in touch with a professional print company today to get the best solution.

As an Amazon Affiliate Partner I earn from Qualifying Purchases