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Most individuals who have just started earning or those who have little idea about the various investment methods available in the market tend to leave all their earnings in a savings account. While a savings account is a safe avenue, it does not provide a high-interest rate as an FD does. Also, when you have an FD scheme like the FD plans offered by Bajaj Finance, you don’t have to look anywhere else. With an FD interest rate of 7.25%, it is one of the highest paying financiers in India today. Also, it provides a plethora of interesting and useful features that can boost your savings without a break. Scroll down to know more about its features and benefits:

High returns 

Today, very few financiers are providing such a high-interest rate as Bajaj Finance is doing. This excess FD rate will not only amplify your returns but will enable you to meet your monthly expenses by choosing the non-cumulative FD type. It gets even better for the senior citizens as they are eligible for 0.25% better FD rates than others. 

Let’s verify this with an example. If you invest Rs. 5,00,000 in a bank FD for 5 years, at the most you will be getting an interest rate between 5 to 6% whereas Bajaj Finance FD will multiply your deposits by 7.25%. The returns and interest gains provided by each of these FD plans are explained below:

FD PlanAmountRate of Interest Tenor Interest gainsMaturity Amount
Bank FD Rs. 5,00,0005.5%60 months Rs. 1,57,033Rs. 6,57,033
Bajaj Finance FDRs. 5,00,0007.25%60 months Rs. 2,09,507Rs. 7,09,507

As you can see, the difference is clear enough to make a significant contribution to your wealth. 

Flexible tenor 

A flexible tenor from 12 to 60 months enables you to choose a period that complements your future financial needs. Also, you can invest in more than one FD plan and pick a different tenor for each FD to create a ladder of fixed deposits. This will enable you to plan your finances as per your investment goals and better liquidity will ensure that you don’t have to look anywhere else when you require funds urgently. 

Hassle-free investment procedure 

Bajaj Finance FD lets you invest online via an online FD form. The documentation can be done online and even the payment can be completed online via UPI or net banking. You will also get a 0.10% extra FD rate on choosing the mode of online investment. 

Also, you can choose to receive the interest gains at maturity or as periodic interest proceeds. By investing in a non-cumulative FD you become eligible to receive periodic interest after every month, quarter, six-month, or year. If you want to boost your savings without any break then invest in its cumulative FDs of a longer tenor. 

These flexible and convenient options along with the high FD rate and other investment-friendly features make it an ideal investment scheme for you. 

Investing in a fixed deposit plan is way better than leaving your money in a savings account as it provides a higher interest rate and flexible options that help you boost your savings. One such high-paying FD scheme is offered by Bajaj Finance. A fixed deposit rate of up to 7.25% and flexible tenor ranging from 12 to 60 months help you to gain higher returns and plan your finances conveniently.

Moreover, the hassle-free investment option provided by SDP allows you to safeguard your future. To calculate the difference between a bank FD and Bajaj Finance FD you can use the FD calculators that are available on their official websites. The higher returns and safe deposit options provided by Bajaj Finance make it one of the smarter picks especially when it comes to FDs.

As an Amazon Affiliate Partner I earn from Qualifying Purchases