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Each of us sees a label with vertical black and white lines and numbers on any product we buy in the markets. This label is called a barcode. The cashiers light the barcode side of the product with a special device and automatically calculate the price and tell you. What is a barcode used for, and what do the numbers on it mean?

Barcode – a sequence of black and white stripes that provide certain information that can be easily read by technical means. The barcode encodes information about some important product parameters. Barcode numbers are used in trade, warehousing, mail, library, security systems, installation production, document processing. Special devices called barcode scanners are used to read barcodes. The scanner illuminates the barcode with its illuminator and reads the resulting image.

There are several common formats of the bar code online system: the American Universal Commodity Code UPC and the European coding system EAN. More common EAN / UCC codes: EAN-13, EAN-8, UPC-A, UPC-E commodity numbers and 14-digit ITF-14 transport packaging code. The most commonly used are UPC and EAN. The UPC barcodes for Amazon numbering system is used in Canada and the United States, and the EAN-13 numbering system is used in Europe.

This system provides a unique approach to the use of bar codes where computers exchange information with each other. With the development of computers and data processing software, many functions have been significantly improved.

1.- Country prefix indicating the country of origin of the product (first three digits of the bar code), Manufacturer’s code – consists of 4 or 5 digits, depending on the length of the country code, and indicates the manufacturer;

  1. – Variable size consisting of four to nine digits denoting the company of the country that assigned the bar code, Commodity code – means the name of the commodity, its consumer properties, size, weight, color;
  2. – The numbers that mark the item are also variable and can be from one to six, Control number – a control number that checks the correct reading of the strips with a scanner;
  3. – Finally, there are control numbers the articles themselves. The mark of the goods made under the license.

By typing the bar code online in the GTIN program, you can get all the necessary feedback about the product, and if everything is done properly, it must be borne in mind that there are no two identical bar codes that mark items worldwide.

The country code is usually given by the EAN International Association. The country code is never a single digit. It has 2 or 3 digits. Sometimes the code on the label does not match the country of manufacture indicated on the packaging, and there may be several reasons for this:

  • the firm is registered and coded not in its own country but in the country of export;
  • The product is manufactured in a subsidiary. That is, the goods are made in one country, but under the license of a firm from another country;
  • The founders of the company are several companies from different countries.

As an Amazon Affiliate Partner I earn from Qualifying Purchases