As an Amazon Affiliate Partner I earn from Qualifying Purchases

MLM works the same everywhere in the world, regardless of culture, economic situation, product or service. Basically, there is a satisfied consumer who decides to start building a network. You make your own product and business presentation. If you do it right, at the end of the presentation your candidate will be enthusiastic and he will also say that I can do that too!

MLM – as its name implies – is a commercial resp. marketing system. Another Name: Network Marketing, or MLM. The MLM means Multi-Level Marketing, or Multi-Level Marketing. Its purpose, like any marketing system, is to bring products to market, that is, to deliver them from the manufacturer to the consumer. A company can produce the world’s greatest product, even Amway itself, if people don’t know about it, the company will have no turnover. A good MLM structure always uses the best MLM software developed by the expert web development company in India. It must therefore be resolved that potential consumers become aware of the product in question, but even more so of the benefits that the product in question can bring to them. The job of marketing is to do this. (By product we mean everything we want to sell to the consumer, including services such as legal advice).

Nowadays, 3 well-distinguished forms of marketing are used, it is worth getting to know them first.

Retail: this is what we are most used to. I go into a store, department store, buy what I need, or what I have a desire to buy. The advantage is that the buyer does not feel pressured to think that he is buying of his own free will. The disadvantage is the high additional cost, as by the time a product reaches the consumer, it usually goes through a lot of hands, and the retail units and their operation cost a lot.
What is most characteristic of retail is advertising. On average, it accounts for 70% of the price of a product, but it can be much more than that.

Direct sales: as its name suggests, sales are made directly from the producer (service provider) to the consumer, omitting intermediate elements, through vendors. It is usually (but not exclusively) used to sell products or services that require specialized advice they require, their value is not clear at first glance, they cannot be advertised with traditional (media) techniques e.g., financial advice, insurance, or special cooking utensils. In this way, salespeople are often called agents, but since this word has a rather pejorative overtone in the common language, the practitioners of this profession tend to call themselves salespeople and consultants. Today, advertising cannot be completely missing from this line of business. Its advantage, however, is that it does not require the maintenance of shops or stores, so it means cost savings.

Multi-level marketing, Network marketing: mostly confused with direct sales. The most important difference in one sentence: in direct sales, few sell a lot, in MLM, many buy little. If you have your own MLM business structure then it becomes important to deal with an MLM Software Developer. While the commission of a direct sales agent (salesperson) comes exclusively from his own sales, so – although if he understands his business, he can earn a lot – his income has an upper limit, as it is only 24 hours a day. In contrast, MLM e does not make retail sales. And the business rules of several MLM companies expressly prohibit retail sales.

As an Amazon Affiliate Partner I earn from Qualifying Purchases